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Mia & the Little Gal: On the first day of Christmas, my mother bought for me …

‘Tis the season, but which season am I referring to? I just finished re-packing for the next hunt. Yep, it’s still hunting season. I’m behind the ball on another kind of hunt, though. The hunt for Christmas presents for LG. What do I get a teenage Little Gal who loves to shoot and hunt?


Mia & the Little Gal is sponsored by Girls With Guns Clothing

Mia & the Little Gal is sponsored by Girls With Guns Clothing


When it comes to teenagers, sometimes it’s best to just ask what they would like. This eliminates hundreds of dollars being spent on knick-knacks, games and furnishings that will likely sit in their closet or be re-gifted. Ask the recipients what they need, what they like or what they wish they could afford to buy. After that, stop and listen. If you’re not a good listener, pull out a pad and paper and write the ideas down.

During a family trip to a local sporting goods store, I asked LG to show me what she would like for Christmas. Keep in mind that she is 15-years old. I then asked her what she thought her 10-year-old cousin (a boy) would like. After that, I asked her what her 6-year-old cousin (a girl) would like. We scouted through the store and LG showed me a few of her favorite things, and fortunately, she pointed out some other gift ideas for those children on my list.

Archery sets

LG and I have been listening, and we know a few kids who will ask Santa for new bows and arrows this Christmas. Many parents worry because they think archery can be expensive or dangerous. Archery is a very safe sport! According to the National Safety Council, archery is safer than any ball-based sport. Football baseball, basketball and soccer report between 10 and 25 injuries per 1,0000 participants, whereas archery nets less than 1 injury per 1,0000 participants! A junior set (including bow, arrows and target) starts as low at $20. Safe and inexpensive?! That sounds like a great deal to me.



LG points out archery sets that are available for kids of all ages and experience levels.



Target shooting can provide hours of fun. LG mentioned that she “knows a kid” who would like a new elk-archery target. Hmm. I wonder who that could be? I know she’s too old for an “imaginary friend.”

There are many targets available for archery, shotgun and firearm shooting. 3D-archery targets are fun and come in many animal shapes. If your kiddo likes to shoot a .22, there are a variety of plinker, zombie and interactive targets available. Don’t forget clays or throwers for the budding shotgunner in your family. Prices range from less than $5 for paper targets up to $100 or more for clay throwers, depending on what kind you pick out. And what about a youth-sized sporting clays vest? And while you’re at it, check to see if there might be a Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation program in your area.


archery-targets-photo-by-Mia-Anstine_e copy

LG begs for an elk-archery target.


BB Gun

We’ve all seen the famous Christmas Story movie and remember the “You’ll shoot your eye out!” phrase. Daisy has since put an emphasis on safety by adding shooting glasses to its fun pack (49.99). We saw Daisy BB guns offered in traditional wood or pink stocks. Any parents who are looking to mentor their children in the hunting or shooting world cannot go wrong with a BB gun under the Christmas tree. Daisy youth model rifles range from $30 to $90. This is the perfect time to check to see if there might be  4-H Shooting Sports program in your area, too.



Daisy BB guns are available for boys or girls, ages 10 and up.


Camo Clothing

Any camo-loving little gal will LOVE to have some Girls with Guns Clothing to open on Christmas morning. LG found the racks containing GwG logo-wear and wanted 1 of everything. I asked her to pick out 3 of her favorite items from GWG. LG chose the GwG camo lounge pants (49.99,) camo tank (29.99) and orange trucker hat (19.99). I suppose we cheated a bit by getting her the hat right then and there. It somehow ended up in the cart at the checkout. Girls with Guns clothing is available at many sportsman’s retail stores as well as on-line. GwG has gift ideas for girls of all ages, starting with necklaces that cost $5 to luggage sets near $100. Give a little gal some GwG to open Christmas morning and let the smiles shine!



LG is ready to sport some GwG logo-wear.


Other camo suggestions

As we all know, sporting goods stores don’t offer nearly the selection of women’s camo as they do for men. Therefore, I’m veering out the door and into cyberspace here, with a couple of extra recommendations for camo for juniors.

Próis Hunting & Field Apparel for Women

You can’t go wrong with Próis under the tree! LG and I both love the fit and quality of the entire Próis line of women’s hunting clothing. LG put the new Próis Elevation jacket in Mothwing Mountain Mimicry camo (regularly $279.99, on sale through 12/16 for $195.99) on her gift list this year.

Photo courtesy of Prois Hunting

Photo courtesy of Prois Hunting



HerCamoShop is a one-stop online resource when it comes to all things hunting related. You can find women’s hunting apparel, footwear, gear and more! LG has her eye on the new HerCamoShop/TeamWON Huntin’ Hoodie ($39.99).

No matter what you choose to put under the tree, remember to keep up the quality time with your young one. Get outside, hunt, shoot, fish. Hey, why not put them together and bowfish! In the meantime, happy hunting … for that perfect present.



Barb Baird (right) and her daughter and daughter-in-law have been wearing the hoodies this deer season. Photo by Jason Baird


No matter what you choose to put under the tree, remember to keep up the quality time with your young one. Get outside, hunt, shoot, fish. Hey, why not put them together and bow-fish! Happy hunting … for that perfect present.

Merry Christmas from Mia and the LG!

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