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Sara Ahrens’ OffBeat: Gift suggestions for the outdoorswoman

For some men, Christmas shopping for their wives and daughters can be a challenge for which they are not adequately prepared. Fortunately, if the women in their lives enjoy hunting, shooting or the outdoors, the task of finding the “right” Christmas present has become much easier. During the past few years, the hunting and shooting industries have responded to the growing presence of women, and have made huge strides in providing quality products for women. The only challenge men may face Christmas shopping this year, is their abilities to make a choice. Below are some of my favorite gift suggestions for the outdoorswoman.

What Sara likes

Many of the items I would place on my Christmas list are items that provide warmth, independence and style. Comfort from the elements, the ability to enjoy the outdoors on their own and to find items that fit are the goals shared by women who are serious about the outdoors. Many of the items on this list are items that I have tested prior to this article. The fact that these items are on my list is representative of my long-term loyalty to the product and to the brand. These are items that remain on my essential gear list for hunting, shooting and the outdoors.

Próis Xtreme insulated jacket and pants

I reviewed the Próis Xtreme insulated pants (279.99) before, but, this year I got the jacket (199.99) as well. The jacket and pants are insulated with 150 grams of 3M Ultra Thinsulate and are quiet while I’m walking. The jacket also has a stowaway ducktail that provides extra coverage and dryness when I’m sitting on a cold surface. The fit, feel and comfort of Próis is unlike anything else on the market.

Primal Vantage deer cart

I purchased the Primal Vantage Steel Deer Cart ($79.99) from Cabela’s on Black Friday last year. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet because most of my hunts have been with my husband. I hope to use it this year. What I like about it is the idea that I can harvest a deer when hunting alone and not have to depend on anyone else to help me moving it.

Armed in Stilettos t-shirts

Randi Stitt, the owner of Armed in Stilettos, designs feminine and edgy t-shirts ($14.99 to $34.99) that appeal to women. Her selection of colors, graphic designs, gun-friendly messages, feminine fits and great price points are a recipe for success with these Christmas gifts. Send the right message with these shirts!

Heater Body Suit

I’ve previously reviewed the Heater Body Suit ($369.95). What I like most about the Heater Body Suit is that it’s like a big Snuggie, but warmer and windproof. This suit has helped me a couple of times when I have overestimated weather conditions and underestimated the amount of layers I’ve needed. I’ve actually tucked my head inside this suit when hunting in high winds, and it allowed me to stay in the field … that’s not something I could have done with a simple facemask.

Timney archery trigger


Timney’s archery trigger release ($93.95) doesn’t provide warmth or independence, but it is an awesome hunting accessory. I love this release so much, that when I inadvertently dropped mine in the woods and lost it, I immediately purchased another. I’ve been around the block with releases and this one is fantastic. I’ve used both the single- and double-caliper releases from Timney, and like them both equally.

Magellan eXplorist 350H GPS

One of the best gifts a huntress or hiker can get for Christmas is the gift of independence. When the possibility of getting lost is no longer part of the equation, female hunters and hikers can venture out alone, getting more time in the field … even when their husbands can’t come. The Magellan eXplorist 350H GPS ($249.99) is the perfect solution.

The products listed above represent items that I personally own and use often. There are many other products that are fantastic gift options for outdoorswomen in your life. The WON website is a great resource for locating additional gift ideas. Many of those products have been field tested and approved by TeamWON.


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