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Kelli wins a LaserMax Micro laser system giveaway

With the Olympics in full swing, LaserMax is giving 1 lucky reader named KELLI a Micro laser system and Shooter’s Bible Guide to Home Defense giveaway. This pair is a winning combination!


MICRO on Ruger SR9C_black

Firearm not included in the giveaway

LaserMax® Micro™ laser system — Retail $129

Smallest and lightest in its class, the Micro laser system is a perfect match for compact and even sub-compact pistols with a Picatinny or Weaver rail. User installed on the firearm frame, the Micro requires only 1 inch of rail space, making it compatible with more pistol models than any other rail-mounted laser offered today. Advanced features include an automated battery life preservation mode that switches the laser off after 10 minutes, safeguarding against the unintentional draining of battery life.


Shooter's Bible

Shooter’s Bible Guide to Home Defense by Roger Eckstine — Retail $15.96

Do you feel vulnerable in your own home? The Shooter’s Bible Guide to Home Defense was written to help you trade in your fears for a feeling of vigilance, readiness, and pride. This is not a catalog of gimmicks, gadgets and drills that only a Navy SEAL can perform, but an intense look at how to fortify your home discreetly and protect yourself from home invaders. Learn how to choose weapons and use them under stress. Gain legal perspective, sharpen your verbal defensive skills and learn how to recognize criminal intent.


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