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Woolx baselayer review — Worth its weight in warmth

Winter hunts have come to an end and I am happy to say that I survived … thanks to my new underwear.

“WHAT?!” you say. Yep. Me, the shy, modest, lady-of-the-outdoors world, is talking about undergarments.

I spend every fall hunting and guiding clients in Colorado. When I have just days to fill a tag, quitting is not an option. However, extreme cold conditions sure can slow a hunt down if I don’t have the proper gear.

Each year, I look for new, improved and innovative ways to layer and stay warm. I always look for items that allow for mobility. This fall I discovered the Heavyweight Woolx baselayer set. It is made of 100-percent Merino wool. I’ve used garments made of this fabric before now, and I admit, I liked them, but (there’s always a “but,” right?) they didn’t last. I put Hank’s Woolx to the test, and had a different, more optimistic outcome.


Loves-her-WoolX-baselayers-photo-courtesy-of-Mia-Anstine 2_1


First impressions

When I opened the Woolx package, I felt the thick, resilient and soft fabric. No itchy wool here!

Do you know the feeling of putting on brand new socks? They are so soft and comfy. I would wear new socks everyday if I could. That is how the Woolx felt. And do you know what’s even better? After roughly 120 days of use, the baselayer set still feels as soft and sturdy as it did on day 1.


The use and care instructions indicated that I could machine wash and even dry the baselayer. This is a plus in my mind, but it gave me flashbacks to a bad experience. I mentioned above that I’ve tried similar products and had poor results. One of the inferior baselayer sets accidentally made it into the dryer. When I pulled it out, it looked like Swiss cheese.

I hesitated to put this fabulous-feeling product into the dryer. I wore the Woolx set on a hot day, and needed to wash and dry it quickly for the next day’s use. I closed my eyes tightly as I removed the bottoms from the dryer. With 1 eye slowly peeking, a smile crept across my face. It looked as good as new!

I have since washed and dried the set almost 100 times. It still looks and feels as good as the first time I wore it. Rinse and repeat stands true for this product line.




Comfort and fit

I can’t repeat enough how comfortable this baselayer set felt. This fall, I wore it again and again. It never made me itch, or pulled my arm hair.

Being of petite stature, I generally find clothing to be too long. The shirt actually could have been a bit longer — for layering purposes and for tucking in. The pants come in an appropriate length and definitely have a high enough rise to cover my behind.



I tested this set of underwear in temperature as low as -28 degrees. The material kept my body warm, even when I became “sweat-wet.”




The Woolx Heavyweight baselayer set is available in black and sizes XS to 2XL. You can purchase the baselayer set online, at the Woolx website.

Woolx Women’s Heavyweight Merino Wool Top – MSRP: $120

Woolx Women’s – Heavyweight Merino Wool Bottoms – MSRP: $120

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