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My late-season buck

In this guest post, Andrea Haas shares the story of her late-season buck.


It’s January 12th and I’m sitting in my tree stand on my last day to hunt of the Missouri deer season. The weather is unseasonably warm with temperatures in the 60’s and wind gusts up to 15 mph. It has been a rough winter up until this point with a lot of ice, snow and temperatures below zero. I’m hunting over a five acre field planted with brassica and turnips that has been a hot spot on my property since December.

Suddenly I hear the familiar sound of leaves crunching behind me in the woods. I know a deer is coming but I’m still not able to see what it is. A few seconds later I look to my left and a beautiful 9 point steps out, walking under my stand. I know immediately that this is the buck I am after. I draw my bow back and realize he is too close to shoot. He continues to walk in front of me and circles around directly downwind. I just know I am going to get busted but thanks to my Deaux Girl scent control products he has no clue I am there.


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Andrea Haas

Photo courtesy of Andrea Haas

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