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Hawke Sport Optics partners with Jon and Gina Brunson as sponsor of ‘Addicted to the Outdoors’

Hawke Sport Optics has announced their partnership with Jon and Gina Brunson, and their television show, Addicted to the Outdoors. As the official optics sponsor of the show, Hawke will provide some of the finest riflescopes, binoculars, crossbow scopes, and spotting scopes available on the market for Jon and Gina to use as they pursue wild game across the country.


“This is a big step for us,” said Trent Marsh, Brand Development and Communication Manager at Hawke Sport Optics. “Jon and Gina have a reputation as some of the most dedicated hunters in outdoor television, and their creativity and innovation in television production is well known. This is as much about Jon and Gina making an investment in Hawke, as Hawke is in Addicted to the Outdoors, and we believe that says a great deal about our products. Hawke is serious about its dedication to provide a high-performance product. Jon and Gina saw that and have bought into what we deliver and are building at Hawke.”

Jon Brunson, host of Addicted to the Outdoors, added, “We are very excited about our new relationship with Hawke Sport Optics. With the variety of hunts we go on, Hawke optics allow us to mount the right scope on the right weapon for the right hunt. We are able to concentrate on the hunt knowing that the reliability of Hawke’s 30+ years of experience in the optics business and quality workmanship has us covered. When we use a product that delivers the level of performance Hawke does, while still offering value to the consumer, it’s a name that is very easy for us to stand behind. Hawke Sport Optics is Bringing New Focus to the Addicted World!”


About Addicted to the Outdoors: In 2007, Jon and Gina packed their six children into an RV for a Florida to South Dakota road trip and whitetail hunt. It was the first show for their newest venture, Addicted to the Outdoors (ATTO), which has a revolutionary format that takes viewers along with them as they pursue game.

Choosing a name for the new show was easy, since both Jon, Gina and their children are Addicted to the Outdoors. Are they living the dream? Yes, their particular dream, where a man, his wife and their children together explore those wandering streams and forested trails of the outdoors. Addicted to the Outdoors can be found on the Outdoor Channel as well as at www.addictedtotheoutdoors.com. They can also be found on Facebook at www.facebook.com/addictedtotheoutdoors and twitter, @outdoor_TV.


About Hawke Sport Optics: Hawke® Sport Optics draws on more than 30 years of experience in the shooting sports market in the UK, Europe, and around the world. After establishing its North American distribution center in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2007, Hawke set out to bring the #1 optics brand of the UK to hunters and shooters on this side of the pond. The Hawke product line includes a full range of binoculars and spotting scopes, as well as scopes and accessories for rifles, crossbows, shotguns, muzzleloaders, and air guns. To learn more visit www.hawkeoptics.com . Hawke Sport Optics is on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hawkesportoptics, on twitter @hawkeoptics, or you may view the Hawke YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/hawkeoptics.

Contact: Trent Marsh
877-429-5347 (x401)

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