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Keep your finger on the pulse of the NRAAM with live streaming

TeamWON will be covering the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting (NRAAM) in Indianapolis this week. If you’d like to see live streaming from the event, just click in the box below.

Friday, April 25
NRA-ILA Leadership Forum
1-4p ET / Noon-3p CT
Confirmed speakers: Wayne LaPierre, Governor Bobby Jindal, Governor Mike Penace, Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Mitch McConnell, Senator Dan Coats, Senator Rick Santorum, Mark Levin, Adam Vinatieri and Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. More info here: http://www.nraam.org/special-events/nra-ila-leadership-forum.aspx
Saturday, April 26
NRA Members’ Meeting
10a-1p ET / 9a-Noon CT
Confirmed speakers: Wayne LaPierre, Chris W. Cox and Jim Porter. More info here: http://www.nraam.org/special-events/annual-meeting-of-members.aspx
Saturday, April 26
Stand & Fight Rally
7-11p ET / 6-10p CT
Special guests LtCol Oliver North and Sarah Palin; Alabama and Sara Evans concert. More info here: http://www.nraam.org/special-events/stand-and-fight-rally.aspx
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