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6 ways to ensure kids have fun turkey hunting

Mia Anstine shares 6 ways to make sure your little guy or gal has fun turkey hunting at her blog via Beretta USA.

Turkey hunting is a perfect opportunity to get a novice involved in hunting. There is so much they can learn. Plus, hunting is a form of wildlife research and ultimately wildlife management. As a hunter, a child will learn about wildlife identification, animal habitats, animal migrations and so much more. It creates a connection and responsibility between them and their surroundings. Many hunters become stewards to the earth.


Mia Anstine turkey hunting

Photo courtesy of Mia Anstine


Educated hunters ensure the future of the sport. This is why I write a lot about getting the next generation of hunters ready to take over this incredible sport. We introduce our children to shooting and hunting to preserve traditions from long ago. Years ago people hunted out of sheer necessity. It was a matter of survival, and an avenue for putting a meal on the table. In this day and age hunting has evolved into so much more.

Hunters contribute to the welfare of parks and wildlife through their actions as well as through their purchases of hunting licenses, habitat stamps, and through the purchase of firearms and ammunition. The dollars hunters have spent on the sport have gone to protect wildlife and fund organizations such as departments of wildlife, Audubon, and conservation organizations such as Pheasants Forever and Ducks Unlimited.

With all the contributions hunters make to our habitats and communities, it makes sense to introduce your young shooter to the sport. So, how do you ensure your child has fun and becomes the next steward to the planet?

Take them to a Hunters Education course

Before you start chasing gobblers, first thing’s first. Take your child to a hunter safety course. They are offered by most departments of fish and game as well as on-line. Due to the many hunter education programs around the world, hunting is one of the safest forms of outdoor recreation. Hunter education teaches ethics, respect, sportsmanship and wildlife identification. It will also teach the student to become a safe hunter and ultimately a successful one.

“I will do my best to acquire those marksmanship and hunting skills which will assure clean, sportsmanlike kills.” – NRA Hunter’s Code of Ethics


Find the shotgun that fits properly

If you want your child to have fun on the hunt, it is important to have an appropriate tool. Check local hunting regulations to ensure you know proper barrel length and shot size for the hunt. There are many sizes and caliber variations in the shotguns available for youth. Shortened barrel lengths and smaller stocks will allow your child to be more comfortable and accurate. A comfortable fitting gun will make for a more confident shooter when a giant tom comes strutting out of the brush.


Practice shooting positions

Once you have acquired the proper gun, you have got to take the child to the range for practice and to pattern the gun. Take into consideration the difficulty of acquiring a target and the need for reloading with a pump shotgun. Make sure to practice this from a variety of shooting positions, so your young one is comfortable using their gun in the blind or field.

On a side note, be prepared to possibly have to pack said shotgun equipment around in the field for your young hunter. We all want our children to be self-sufficient and independent citizens of society, but it may not have to happen the very first time you head out. Depending on the child’s age you may have to be a Sherpa from time to time.


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