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7 questions with Melissa Bachman

Mia & the Little Gal: Both Mia and LG interview Melissa Bachman about her hunting adventures.



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She hunts, she teaches, she films, she is a mentor to many and she’s more gorgeous in person than any photos portray.

LG and I first came to recognize Melissa Bachman when we learned she was here. Yes, here. Here, as in “Small Town” USA, and hunting just over the hill, less than a mile away from where we live in Colorado. At the time, we weren’t familiar with her, so we immediately wanted to know more about her. We learned what an amazing hunter she is and have been fans ever since.

Melissa is a hard working, self-motivated, accomplished hunter and happens to have a degree in broadcasting. She appears on “Winchester’s Deadly Passion” TV show, and is a mentor to many women. She supports conservation, wildlife and habitat projects and volunteers time to help needy children. LG and I were so ecstatic to bump into her at the NRA Women’s Leadership Luncheon, and eagerly asked these 7 questions.



(Melissa Bachman photo)


LG: What are you doing to mentor kids and other ladies into hunting?

MB: What I’ve been trying to do, from the beginning, is to take as many kids hunting with me as possible. My mom hunted. She was always there for me and I always had someone to look up to. I think that is really important and a lot of these young girls maybe don’t have that. So, what I’ve been trying to do is bring some of them and get them started bow hunting. I’m actually doing a hunt for a girl that has an illness. It was her wish, from Make a Wish, to come hunting with me. This year I’m granting her wish and bringing her along. I’m filming the entire show and doing a youth hunt out of it. Also, I  try to bring awareness that states are doing really cheap youth tags (her tag is only $15) and get people out a little more.


LG: Why do you think hunting important?

MB: It brings people together. I think hunting is important because we did it as a family. These days, there is less family time. When you can find something everyone enjoys together, it becomes really important. Plus, it’s a great, healthy alternative to buying your food at a grocery store.


LG: Do you prefer rifle or bow?  What is your favorite?

MB: It just depends. As long as there’s a season, I’m in! I enjoy it all.



LG, Melissa and Mia at the NRA Women’s Leadership Luncheon. (Barbara Baird photo)


Mia: What adventure is at the top of your bucket list?
MB: There are lots of things. It’s not necessarily the animal, it’s the experience. The big thing I’ve always wanted to do is swim with great white sharks. That is one of the highlights I’m going to do on my Australian trip and bring as part of the show. So, hunting is kind of the secondary there because that is one of the focuses I’ve always wanted to do.


LG: What is your most memorable hunt?
MB: I go on an Alaska trip every year on Prince of Whales, where the pilot drops me off with a kayak, my bow and a predator call, and I call in black bears. I’ve called in 3 black bears, and I’ve shot 2 that were basically charging in at me. Those were the most memorable, because I put in so much time. I was unguided and completely on my own. I was living 2 weeks out of a tent in rainy conditions. They were tough hunts, but the most rewarding and the most memorable.


Mia: Do you have a single piece of hunting gear you would not leave home without?
MB I always have a neck gator, no matter what. If things get really cold, or even if it’s not that cold of a hunt, if you can put a neck gaiter on, you’ll be warm. It’s one thing you’ll always find in my backpack. Also, ThermaCare wraps, for just a little heat source. Then you don’t have to take a ton of extra clothes. My most important things are things to keep me warm, just in case things turn cold or you get stuck overnight, they can hold you through.



(Winchester photo)


LG: Is there a lady hunter in the industry with whom you’d like to hunt?
MB: Growing up, I always watched Cindy Garrison. I got to meet her a couple years ago and had fun with her. She would be someone, because growing up she was someone I always looked up to as a person on camera. She was doing it by herself. She didn’t have a man with her. That was always cool and I always respected that.


Visit Melissa’s website, on Facebook and Twitter.

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