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Jamaica Bay Kayak Fishing Classic

This past weekend wrecked me. It was my first time kayak fishing with my Hobie in saltwater, and I cannot shake the memories from my mind. Getting ripped around in my kayak by new species of fish with sharp teeth, the powerful tide and wondering what lies beneath. It was an experience I had dreamed of, yet it played out better than imaginable. I absolutely LOVED saltwater fishing! This is how it all went down.


Jamaica Bay Kayak Fishing Classic


I had first heard of the Jamaica Bay Kayak Fishing Classic through kayak anglers and social media. My fishing partner, Eric, had been raving about it for a few years and inviting me along but work was preventing me from getting away. In his sixth year, the tournament was now an annual trip for Eric. Two years ago he won the Grand Slam category. This year the stars aligned and we were both able to make it at the last minute. We signed up online, and began to plan the trip out. The event ran from May 15th to 18th.

First I needed to get equipped for saltwater fishing. The fish are BIG, STRONG and salt is hard on gear. I ordered a few new rod and reel set-ups specific for the presentations I would be using (I was also able to use some of my freshwater bass gear). Here are the rod, reel and line set-ups I brought with me and the presentations I used them for:

Leaving on Thursday, we arrived in Brooklyn in about 9 hours. It was quite the experience driving through the metropolitan area with two Hobies in tow. It’s not type of location you would expect to hold such great fishing opportunities. Jamaica Bay is right in the middle of New York and south of Long Island. In what seemed like every few minutes, planes were taking off from John F. Kennedy International Airport, and I could even see the Empire State Building. It was a truly unique view.

Floyd Bennett Field was the location of the event. It was once the city’s first airport, but has now been converted to a park. The massive concrete pad hosted over 300 anglers at this years event with the majority of anglers using Hobie kayaks. It was the most Hobie kayaks I have ever seen at once! Trucks, campers, RVs and tents filled the majority of this massive lot. The ramp to Jamaica Bay is also large enough to support the volume of anglers taking off throughout the day. Great venue selection!
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