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National Go Fishing Day scheduled for June 18, 2014

Fishing is one of the most popular sports in America. In 2011, 33.1 million anglers hit the lakes and streams attempting to bring in that day’s catch. With a number that large, there’s no debating that fishing is an exciting sport. From standing on the bank of a pond, fishing for blue-gill with your kids, to reeling in a 100 lb. wild Bluefin tuna out in the ocean, there is a type of fishing for everyone.




June 18th is national “Go Fishing Day.” Make sure you have your fishing license, your rod and reel geared up, and your favorite tackle at the ready to make sure you have the best chance at making a big catch on national Go Fishing Day! If you’ve never gone fishing before, your local sporting goods store should have everything you need – including fishing licenses – to get you and your family ready to create fun memories and catch some awesome fish.


Here are a few fishing tips:

1. Never spend more than 15 minutes in one place unless you are catching fish.

2. Try to choose bait that will attract fish. A good bait will appeal to a fish’s sight, smell, taste, and feel.

3. Practice casting and using your bait in a shallow water situation before heading out to make sure you’ve got the feel of the lure’s action.

Armed with these tips, your fishing license, tackle, and a few hours out on a body of water, you’ll be having fun and reeling in fish in no time!


Information and graphic courtesy of Fix.com.

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