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Secure Firearm Products shooters take top honors at World Action Pistol Championships and Bianchi Cup

It is early summer, and the pistol shooting team members for Secure Firearm Products (SFP) are “red hot” in winning top awards in both the World Action Pistol Championships (WAPC), and the prestigious MidwayUSA/NRA Bianchi Cup National Championships.


Secure Firearm Products

Secure Firearm Products pistol shooting team take top honors at the MidwayUSA & Bianchi Cup National Championships with (L to R)– Louis Surgi– Top Junior; Tiffany Piper– 2nd Place Lady; and Travis Hayton– Top Lawman.

As part of the NRA selected American team for the World Action Pistol Championships (WAPC), members of the Secure Firearm Products (SFP) group, recently took many of the top shooting competition awards after competing in the 9th annual WAPC at the Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, KY.WAPC draws over 300 competitive pistol shooters from around the world, including a total of 20 on the American team. The actual format for the competition is very similar to that of the NRA Bianchi Cup. SFP members on the American team included Louis Surgi, Doug Carden, and Travis Hayton.Top honors for the SFP team went to Louis Surgi who won the competition in the Junior Award category with a high-score of 1866-147x.

Travis Hayton was Top Lawman.

SFP international team member Tiffany Piper took home 2nd Place in the Lady Awards division with a top-score of 1891-152x.

SFP international team member Warren Piper won the honors for the Top Expert Award.

“This year’s competition at WAPC drew hundreds of top-shooters from around the world,” says Tammy Surgi, Secure Firearm Products. “All I can say is this was a very challenging and strenuous championship match!”

After the WAPC event, the SFP pistol team traveled to Columbia, MO to compete in the 35th anniversary of the MidwayUSA & Bianchi Cup National Championships. For many, this action packed international event is considered the most prestigious and richest shooting tournament in the world. SFP team members included Louis Surgi, Doug Carden, Mark Itzstein, Travis Hayton , Karl Piper , Tiffany Piper and Warren Piper.

Once again, Louis Surgi scored Top Junior honors with a score of 1838-111x.

Tiffany Piper took the 2nd place in the Lady division with her score of 1891-142x.

Travis Hayton was the Top Lawman with his score of 1912-164x.

Warren Piper was the Top Expert with a score of 1897-144x.

The Secure Firearm Products shooting team also was second place overall industry team with a total 7610-609x.

“We are really pleased with the results of all the Secure Firearm Products shooting team,” says Surgi. “It was fantastic to have Warren Piper of New Zealand return to our team after attending college and pursuing a career in Canada.”

For further information about the full line of Secure Firearm Products, go to the website at www.securefirearmproducts.com or call at 417-649-7277.

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