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Shotgun Life Women: Shooting tips from Deborah McKown

Deborah McKown, editor of Shotgun Life and NSCA Level I instructor gives shooting tips on how to get into the zone.


ShotgunLife Deborah McKown

Sometimes women feel compelled to prove themselves in wing and clays shooting when others are watching. Too often that translates into a form of pressure that expresses itself by shooting too soon at the target — resulting in a miss.

For example, if you’re nervous when shooting clays you may actually start your swing on the call (or flush) instead of visually establishing the target first. That means you’ll be way in front of the target or you’ll realize the mistake mid-swing, stop the gun and wait for the target and the shot will inevitably be lost.

Whether you’re shooting pheasants or sporting clays, it’s important for you to get into the zone and match the speed of the gun swing with the target. Getting into the zone means introducing a base-line confidence and focus that lets you concentrate exclusively on the target – without getting distracted by the people around you.

After you have visually established the target, simply relax and swing your shotgun at the same speed of the target. Your subconscious will build in the forward allowance and give you a much greater chance of making a successful shot.

Remember, a relaxed, focused shooter is safe, poised and confident.


Deborah McKown is the Editor of Shotgun Life and an NSCA Level I instructor. You can reach her at contact@shotgunlife.com.


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