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How to rig a mullet line

Fay Walker, from The Wild World of CarrieZ, shares her tips on how to rig a mullet line.

Fay mullet line 

Mullet: No, not the, “business in the front, party in the back” haircut from long ago. By mullet, I am referring to that joyful, leaping fish that has locals and visitors alike fascinated at their endless play.

So close and yet so far, they seem to reveal themselves in locations where your fishing line is not. The trick, it would seem, is not in finding the elusive mullet, it is in rigging the perfect mullet line that will encourage them to leap a little closer.

After many years contemplating the mysteries of mullet behavior; conversing with the locals on proper bait ratios (chicken feed versus oatmeal) and whether or not a gold hook is better than a silver one, I have found the answer (with some consistency) to the ageless question; How do you rig a mullet line that actually works?

If you plan to fish for mullet, the best course of action is to pre-plan your tackle box. I have found that making a few mullet rigs and pre-mixing a bucket of Chicken feed/oatmeal mash before I leave the house makes for a more productive morning.

Let’s take a look at one way to prepare your bait.

Step One: The Mash

Mix a 1:4 ratio of chicken feed and oatmeal in a 7 gallon bucket. I prefer to use a 7 gallon bucket with a swivel lid to store my mash. This way, I can have a place to sit. A 5 gallon bucket works just as well although you won’t sit as high.

Add a little water and mix the mash. Add just enough water to make the mash form a tight ball in your hand. The idea is for it to hold together long enough to reach the location where you plan to cast your rig.

Mullet line

Step Two – The Rig:

  • What you will need:
  • 2 ft of leader (I use 15-20lb monofilament line)
  • Package of GOLD #4 Plain “J” hooks
  • 1 treble hook
  • 1 bullet sinker or similar shaped sinker (1/2 oz for sandy bottom)
  • I float (bobber or slip)
  • Swivel
  • Optional Bling of your choice (slices of white worm or perhaps a bead or two?)

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