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Dead Down Wind introduces RV holding tank deodorizer

Grandview, MO — Dead Down Wind, LLC introduces their Base Camp RV Holding Tank Deodorizer + Cleaner, providing exceptional performance on both black and grey water. This one product does both, saving space at retail and in the RV. Bio-engineered Enzyme Scent Prevent® technology makes this the most effective Holding Tank Deodorizer and Cleaner for all types of waste receptacles – RV’s, portable toilets, septic tanks, and boat/marine applications.

Dead Down Wind

“Consumers appreciate a ‘green’ formaldehyde free product that doesn’t contaminate the water table. We take great pride in creating effective eco-friendly products, especially when this product will be used around bodies of water, in campsites, and near woods and fields. Protecting the outdoor environment for future generations is a Dead Down Wind® company priority,” says Andy McDowell, Dead Down Wind Marketing Manager.

Performance and Portability

Dead Down Wind’s exclusive Biodegradable ESP® formula knocks out odor and breaks down waste, tissue, grease and build-up. It is perfect for RV’s, portable toilets, septic tanks, boats, odorous drains and more. It is formaldehyde and Bronopol free, no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances.

“The RV Holding Tank Deodorizer + Cleaner, featuring ESP® technology, is what successful hunters rely on in their pursuit of big game – up close and personal. This product delivers exceptional results and carries the same ‘Customer Satisfaction Guarantee’ as every other DDW product. We tested it in our own boats, RVs, septic systems coupled with extensive field tests over the past several years,” stated Gary Reed, DDW General Manager. The Base Camp RV Holding Tank Deodorizer + Cleaner does it all – black or grey water, odor, tissue, grease and even cleans residual elements left behind by other products. Base Camp’s 16 oz. bottle is a powerful blend delivering up to 16 treatments based on 1 oz per 10 gallons of water. (Available in 32 and 64 oz sizes as well)

Base Camp RV Holding Tank Deodorizer + Cleaner is available now at Walmart in the camping department, on our website DeadDownWind.com and at other outdoor retailers throughout the country.


About Dead Down Wind, LLC!
Dead Down Wind® is a premier supplier of quality scent prevention products designed to help outdoor enthusiasts become more successful in the field. Dead Down Wind® is known for its enzyme biotechnology process known as ESP® (Enzyme Scent Protection). DDW products are recognized nationally for unsurpassed innovation and effectiveness in hunting, camping, archery, pet odor control and general outdoor enthusiast markets.



Dead Down Wind

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