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Interview: 2girlshunting — the future of hunting and shooting sports

Morgan and Mason Baseley, known on Facebook as 2girls hunting, are 13-year-old twins that are not only honor roll students, but also avid sports participants and 4-H members, huntresses and advocates for conservation and wildlife management. “Our generation is going to keep hunting and shooting sports alive,” said the energetic duo.

The sisters took time from their summer activities to answer the following questions. I think you’ll like the spirit and attitude they exude.


Morgan and Mason

(Morgan and Mason Baseley photo)



Camo Mom: What reaction do you get from classmates regarding your hunting and shooting?

Morgan: Our friends and classmates are excited and supportive of us being this involved with shooting sports. A lot of our classmates hunt. Our school even has a “camo day” during spirit week.

Mason: It’s fun to text our friends on opening morning and send pictures along with who has been successful. A lot of the boys in our class want us to take them hunting, but we don’t want to give away our secret spots.


Camo Mom: How do you maintain your honor roll status while pursuing your hunting and shooting adventures?

Morgan: It’s tough at times. Our parents have always made sure we understand how important school is, and by getting good grades we have so many more opportunities in our future. We usually have school, then an after-school sport (volleyball, basketball, softball). Our evenings are homework and some shooting practice, hunting on the weekends, if the season is right.

Mason: Our school has an hour of tutoring/homework club every morning before school and at lunch. Afterschool sports let us be with our friends. We don’t watch much TV during the week, so we have enough time for studying and practice and getting to bed by 9 p.m. Sometimes we do need a break, and our parents are good about giving us some downtime when we start to burnout.


morgan turkey

Morgan with her turkey from this spring’s hunt. (Morgan and Mason Baseley photo)


Camo Mom: What advice would you give young girls who want to learn to shoot and hunt?

Morgan: Find someone who can teach you proper gun safety, and take your hunter safety course, if hunting is what you want to do. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not a girls’ sport.

Mason: Go for it! Learning to handle a gun is one of the best things a young lady can do for herself.


Camo Mom: In what ways can we do our part in keeping the hunting and shooting sports alive for future generations?

Morgan: Educate not only the younger generation, but also those who don’t have shooting or hunting experience. Learn about land and wildlife conservation, so we can have a healthy ecosystem for the animals and for their habitat. Hunting is a big part of maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Mason: If you don’t want to hunt, but are interested in shooting sports, you also need to be educated on proper gun safety. Our gun rights are constantly being challenged, so staying educated on our Second Amendment rights and respectfully standing up for them is important.



(Morgan and Mason Baseley photo)



Camo Mom: Has your participation in 4-H made you a better hunter, or has your hunting experience made you a better 4-H member?

Morgan: 4-H teaches a lot about being accountable and responsible. We do market swine through our local 4-H club, and with pigs you learn a lot about hard work and dedication. Mornings come early when you have to walk and feed a pig before school, but that hard work pays off when you know you are selling a good quality animal for market. However, hunting teaches a lot of the same; accountability, responsibility and how hard work pays off. With either, if done correctly, you get good quality meat at the end that you know lived a healthy active life.


Camo Mom: Why did you choose the Wounded Warrior Project as the entity to receive 10% of your 4-H swine project proceeds?

Morgan: Our parents have told us that if you have a way of giving back, do so. One day we may be the ones in need of help.

Mason: Our uncle is a 23-year veteran of the US Navy SEALS, and we have gotten to know some of his teammates and their families. It saddens us when we hear tragic news involving these families of our country’s heroes. This year, we chose the Wounded Warrior Project, where proceeds support our returning soldiers and the Navy SEAL Foundation supporting the families of our fallen heroes.


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