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Questions you should ask when booking a guided hunt — Part 2

Today we’ll cover part 2 of that long list of questions that will help you have the hunt of your dreams instead of the hunt of someone else’s.

This list is intended to help you clarify what you’re spending your hard earned money on when you’re booking a hunt. It is by no means a “set in stone” list of questions, and hopefully it will inspire conversation between you and a potential guide. Be sure to talk verbally on the phone, or in person to create a relationship with you and the guide prior to your hunt.



(Mia Anstine photo)


What is your policy for looking for a wounded animal?

Ask if someone will help you look for an animal that has run off. Ask how long they will help and how they will search for a wounded animal.

What happens if I shoot an animal and it’s not located?

Some outfits, and even some countries, will call the hunt complete after you’ve drawn blood. It may be law, or it may be their call. If they say you are allowed to hunt another animal after an ample search, ask about added fees. Yep. They may charge you for a lost animal.

Do you provide transportation to and from camp or the lodging facility?

If they do provide transportation, make sure to get contact numbers so you are not stranded at the airport if a storm delays either of you.


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