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Review: CrossBreed Holsters – Not just for men

Don’t be fooled, CrossBreed Holsters aren’t just for men. Most of its holsters are well suited for women, and some are designed specifically with women in mind.



Marti Davis Afield is sponsored by CrossBreed Holsters


CrossBreed history

Mark Craighead brought CrossBreed to life in 2005, after collecting a “boxful of holsters.” He created a design of his own that incorporated all the features he thought would make the best holster. In a matter of just a few years, Mark’s hybrid design achieved so much popularity that CrossBreed Holsters gained national recognition. CrossBreed is so sure of its product, that it offers a 2-week, try-it-free guarantee, along with a lifetime warranty on most items.


Marti Davis with CrossBreed

(Barbara Baird photo)


Women’s holsters

CrossBreed’s top 5 holsters for women include the SuperTuck Deluxe, MiniTuck, Appendix Carry, Purse Defenders and the MicroClip. As you’ll notice, most of these are inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters. They all feature the CrossBreed hand-molded pocket, for a perfect fit, and are backed with your choice of black cowhide, premium hard-rolled tan cowhide and natural tan horsehide, when available. All of the holsters are handmade by expert craftsman, and designed with stability, comfort and concealment in mind.

The Purse Defender ($52.95) is the latest newcomer to CrossBreed’s modular systems line of holsters. The Purse Defender is designed to fit into your favorite purse or handbag. It consists of a Kydex panel that is lined with Velcro to attach your molded modular holster to it. The Purse Defender l-shaped panel measures 9-inches wide by 6-inches tall, and the base is 3-inches wide. A Small Purse Defender ($49.95) measures 6.25-inches wide by 4.75 inches tall, and the base is 2 inches wide. I have also tested this model with my Shield, and highly recommend it.


Purse Defender

The CrossBreed Purse Defender


The SuperTuck ($69.75) is CrossBreed’s flagship holster, and is recognized as the industry leader of IWB holsters. Not only is it the most popular, but also, it’s the most stable and comfortable rig.

The MiniTuck ($67.75) is designed for smaller firearms and is the model I’ve been testing recently with my Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm. I’m amazed by this holster’s comfort and stability and how easily I can conceal it.

The Appendix Carry ($62.50) is CrossBreed’s design for small-to-medium firearms. Like the others I’ve mentioned, it has all the same attributes.



The CrossBreed Appendix Carry


The MicroClip ($58.50) is an IWB appendix carry holster designed for popular small-to-medium-frame firearms.

A couple of the latest products added to the CrossBreed line of holsters are the MaxSlide ($58.50) and the MaxOhai ($52.50). These are designed to allow the user to carry a Taurus Judge or Smith & Wesson Governor comfortably — not as an every-day-carry, but to carry while hunting, hiking, etc.

The MaxSlide is an outside-the-waistband (OWB) that has 3 slots that allow the wearer to choose from 1 of 2 positions — either behind the hip with a slight forward cant or a slight reverse cant for cross-draw wear. The MaxSlide is available in black cowhide leather.

The MaxOhai expands on the popular Ohai modular holster that is used to carry a gun inside a bag. It offers positive retention and stability, considering the weight of the Governor or Judge. The MaxOhai can be attached to any of the modular platforms CrossBreed offers.

Another new addition is the Revolver Ankle Holster ($49.95), designed for the majority of 5-shot, J-frame revolvers. This holster expands CrossBreed’s line of alternate carry methods. It comes with a calf-support strap to keep the firearm from riding down and rubbing on your anklebone.

CrossBreed offers several different off-body carry options. In addition to the Purse Defender, Ohai and MaxOhai, CrossBreed offers a Bedside Backup ($73.95) and multiple RAM mount systems ($92.95 to $95.95).


CrossBreed beadside backup

The CrossBreed Bedside Backup


CrossBreed’s new facility

CrossBreed recently moved into a new facility. Previously, it occupied 3 buildings. Quite simply, it outgrew the old facilities, and moved to a larger facility to keep up with the growing product line. This facility will allow the company to expand into different areas of the firearm industry, along with making the crafting process smoother and faster, allowing its 36 employees to get products out in a timely manner. Currently, Crossbreed Holsters ships its handcrafted holsters in less than a week from the time the order is placed. All holsters are handcrafted, made in the USA, lifetime warranty and backed by its try-it-free guarantee.


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