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Ask Natalie: New York Widow Needs First-Time Gun-Owner Advice

Our friend Natalie Foster, over at Girls Guide to Guns, recently started an advice section at her popular website. Here, she gives a New York widow some first-time gun-owner advice.


She writes, “I deeply appreciate each person who writes in via Facebook, our online form or my email address asking for a little advice in this otherwise overwhelming role of being a first time gun owner. I recently received this note from a woman who has clearly been through a lot. Check it out.”

“I am a recent widow and feel the need for a gun, living alone. Today I bought a used Ruger LCR. I know nothing about guns. It cost me about $600.00 from [a gun store on] Long Island. it no longer has the 3 moon clips which, when I called the dealer, he said I don’t need. I am wondering if I made a mistake. I buy nothing ‘used’ and I ask myself why this well-thought of gun was turned in. As it was put on my credit card – and I have to visit the PD before I can pick it up, I can still cancel the gun. What is your opinion? I sincerely appreciate any advice you may give me, as I am a novice. (I did not like the kind of gun that you have to pull on the top part to fire – I told you I know NOTHING!) Thank you for any advice you can give me!”

Find out the advice Natalie gives to NY widow. 

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