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Meet Lisa Marie Judy, Director of Brownells Lady 3-Gun Pro-Am Challenge

Lisa Marie Judy, director of the Brownells Lady 3-Gun Pro-Am Challenge, reflects on the inaugural event and gives us a glimpse into the future of ladies 3-gun in this interview.

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From Oct. 31 to Nov. 1, I joined more than 175 other enthusiastic women at the South River Gun Club in Covington, Ga., to compete in the first ever Brownells Lady 3-Gun Pro-Am Challenge. Now a month later, the closed 162- member Facebook group has changed its name from “Lady Brownell ProAm Meet Up” to “Ladies of 3 Gun.” There is constant activity on the page, with threads that include what equipment to buy, upcoming matches, links to articles and of course, firearms. A circle of 3-gun friends has been created, and welcomes new members.

This excitement, and for some, this newfound passion, all began from the vision of one very hard-working lady, Lisa Marie Judy.  She began shooting in 2008 and started competing in 3-gun matches last year. Frankly, I am amazed by all this lady accomplished that weekend with the inaugural event she put on.


Lisa Marie with Assistant Director Kay Miculek at the awards ceremony. (Becky Yackley photo)


Michelle: You have been very busy since the match. Actually, I dont know if you ever took a break after the awards dinner. What has been going on in the life of Lisa Marie Judy this past month? 

Lisa Marie: I spent the first week after the match helping Jose at Tac-Grip, LLC, (He was the FFL Dealer that handled the transfers of all of the firearms for the ladies.) collect all of the ladies’ FFLs. Then, we packaged and shipped all of their guns out. Once everything was wrapped up from the match, catching up on family time and some much-needed rest came next. Finally, I started planning everything for the Lady 3-Gun Challenge for next year. 



Of course, Lisa Marie had to test some of the stages for the rest of the competitors arrived. (CB MacDuff photo)

Michelle: It has been more than a month since the match. Looking back, what do you want to make sure gets shared?

Lisa Marie: There were so many ladies who came out of this asking with excitement, “What’s next? I’m hooked!”



It’s hard to say who’s more excited about the rifle, Shyanne Roberts or Lisa Marie? (Michelle Cerino photo)


Michelle: The sponsors for the inaugural match were beyond generous, with a prize table worth almost $250,000. To what do you attribute this outpouring of support for women from the firearms industry?

Lisa Marie: The fact that we are the future of this sport, and where we go our children will follow. If we can get more women out to the range, practicing and enjoying 3-gun, the more juniors we will have showing interest and shooting matches. It’s about getting the younger generation involved. Once we spark the passion in our children, the future of our sport and the Second Amendment will be safer, protected!

Michelle: So many of the women that competed in the Brownells Lady 3-Gun Pro-Am Challenge were new to the sport. For many, it was their first major match. What would you say to any ladies that are on the fence about getting into 3-gun?

Lisa Marie: Just Do It! This sport is so fun, and everyone is so supportive of each other. We are always wanting to welcome new people to our big family!



Lisa Marie Judy sets up yet another stage at the event for women. (Becky Yackley photo)


Michelle: Your match lit a spark and brought out a passion that many women didn’t realize they had. It created a group that can always say, I was there for the first ladies only 3-gun event.Many people are wondering if there will be a 2nd Brownells Lady 3-Gun Pro-Am Challenge. Do you have any announcement you would like to share with me?

Lisa Marie: I will have dates very soon. I am considering doing 2 ladies’ matches, one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast.

If I am correct, next year will see more women involved in 3-gun and the shooting sports. For information on upcoming matches check out the Brian Enos forum, which is updated often. Yes, I have to admit, I can’t wait to hear the announcement for the dates of the 2015 Lady 3-gun Pro-Am Match or matches. Who wants to join me?

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