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Women competitors take a shot at the IPSC World Shoot

It’s practical shooting’s most prestigious event .A tournament that occurs once every 3 years, the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) World Shoot draws competitors from more than 80 countries around the globe. Shooters not only compete for individual titles, but also it’s the one event in the sport where countries put forth teams with the hopes of bringing home medals.

The event kicks off with an Olympic-style opening ceremonies and parade of nations. There’s a sense of fun and excitement as shooters greet one another and extend well wishes for a safe, fun match.


Team USA’s lady competitors take the time to pose for a photo before the parade of nations at the IPSC World Shoot opening ceremonies. (Yael Dagan photo)


The next day, things get serious. The competition lasts 6 days, with shooters completing 6 courses a fire in a day, with 1 day off during the week. The event closes out with an exciting all-steel, shoot-off event and awards ceremonies.

There’s fierce competition in the women’s categories, and participants represent the who’s who in speed shooting. Women competitors representing the US made a great showing, medaling either individually or as a team in the divisions. Here are a few photos of just some of the talented women competing at the 2014 World Shoot. For more images please visit the IPSC #WSXVII – Match Photos.


Chosen as flag bearer for the United States in the parade of nations, Lynda Turnbull shows off her blazing speed.


Israeli Ladies Champion Yael Dagan gets aggressive after drawing her handgun.


The US’s Athena Lee is all smiles after yet another solid run.


Rain or shine! Mary Grace Tan takes aim in the rain with her Open Division 1911 pistol.


Team USA’s Lisa Munson isn’t afraid of a little dirt as she opts to shoot from this prone position.


Team Smith &Wesson’s Annette Aysen tackled the demanding courses with a wheel gun!


Always time for smiles and a little girl talk. Ladies Standard Division Champion Hilde Nakling shares a smile with 4th Place Ladies Open Division finisher Lenka Horesji.


France’s Ladies Production Champ and Top 8 finisher, Laëtitia Daguenel, rounds the corner to her final position.


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All dressed up at the awards ceremony, Team USA poses for a photo with United States Practical Shooting Association President Phil Strader. (Kippi Leatham photo)


Check out the full results from all divisions and categories at worldshootusa.com/results, and watch members of the bronze medal winning Team USA Ladies Production Team on some of the stages at the match.


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