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Universal Huntress TV Debuts

When Jen Adams and Norissa Harman started Girls with Guns Clothing in a garage a few years ago, with Jen sitting on the floor running the embroidery machine, they never envisioned that a few years later, they’d be starring in a TV show. Universal Huntress TV (UHTV) debuts Mon., Dec. 29, at 8 p.m. PST on the Sportsman Channel.



UHTV follows Jen Adams and Norissa Harman, the fierce and fashionable duo behind Girls with Guns Clothing [GWG], an everyday outdoor lifestyle apparel company. Their roots are planted deep in the heart of Northern California, where they started GWG in their garage 6 years ago. Now, they’ve taken those roots to the far edges of the earth, and you can find GWG in retail locations worldwide.

After teaming up with outdoor lifestyle moguls Remington Arms, Mossy Oak and Swarovski Optiks, these country girls are ready to ride off into an African sunset … or take a leap of faith from 10,000 feet. Get ready, the hunting world gets a 30 minute fashion makeover every Monday night at 8PM PST on the Sportsman Channel.

“We have always been big dreamers but never in our wildest dreams have we expected to see and do the things we have in the past year,” said Norissa.

“Never in my lifetime did I think a small town country girl like myself would have a job that consisted of traveling the world to do something that I am so passionate about — hunting. The opportunities we have had this year have been amazing,” added Jen.



Norissa Harman and Jen Adams


The TV show ball started rolling after the women met outdoor film producer Emanuel “Kappie” Kapp at the International Sportsman’s Expo in Sacramento 2 years ago. He invited them to join him on a hunt in South Africa, in order to see how the trio worked together. No strings attached.

“I was instantly in! South Africa was on my hunting bucket list and I was excited,” said Jen. “Norissa was instantly out! She brought up some valid points: 1) We had no idea who this guy was 2) He could be a serial killer  3) Who jumps on a plane to South Africa without knowing where you are going?”

After some begging and pleading, Norissa agreed to accompany Jen to South Africa, in what would become the first of several trips there. “Kappie is a perfect fit for us. His enthusiasm for the outdoors and love of life make him an awesome producer,” said Jen.

Before the show, the women had traveled to hunt together in New Zealand, and Jen had traveled to Mexico. Of course, their business at Girls with Guns Clothing necessitates trips to China. This past year, they traveled to Namibia, Zimbabwe, Congo, Paris (France) and the South Island of New Zealand.



Norissa and Jen with Kappie on the “set.” (Universal Huntress photo)


“Being gone from home for 200 days, I had time to reflect on my life and realize that there are so many more important things in life such as family, friends and experiences. It’s all about the journey. Work used to be my vice and the number 1 thing that I cared about. This crazy year has changed that in me. Hunting is my passion, it’s where I find my solitude with nature and reconnect with myself,” said Jen.

“I have to say the whole year has been life-changing for me. When you see different cultures, the way people live their lives really puts life and our great nation that we live into perspective. It’s nice to be in the middle of nowhere to sit and reflect; we don’t get to do that much with our schedules,” added Norissa.



Jen and Norissa in their camo. (Universal Huntress photo)


The women want more than exposure for their own business with this show. “We want our audience to live the ride with us and enjoy the journey. We want the audience to learn alongside of us about the new species, hunting techniques and terrains all over the world. We have a lot of fun along the way and we do some extreme sports and sight-seeing that people may not dare to do, and that’s the fun of it. It’s something different,” explained Jen.

“In life, we grow as women, wives, parents, business owners, etc. I’d say we want our viewers to grow with us and our experiences,” added Norissa.



Jen’s first ostrich. Their friend, Morgan Mills (far right), a Nashville country music artist, sings their theme song and occasionally tags along on their adventures. (Universal Huntress photo)


In 2015, the women more than likely will return to Africa, along with trips to Germany, Spain and of course, the US. “We are hoping to draw archery tags in Jen’s hometown in August,” said Norissa.

Along with the TV show, the women launched a new line of camo, featuring a Mossy Oak pattern. “We started field testing it in March on our first out-of-country hunt. While hunting, we would notice things such as pocket positions that needed changed, inseams, rise, etc. that would make a more comfortable fit for a woman hunter.  It is hard to find a woman-specific line that fits comfortably and still looks good,” said Jen.

“Our customer base has been asking for this for awhile, so we have wanted to deliver an introductory product that we loved. With hunting as much as we have this year, it was nice to make the much-needed changes while out in the field,” said Norissa.



(Universal Huntress photo)

Sizes will run from XS to 2X, and with the debut of yet another line — Mossy Oak Country Camo in the fall of 2016 — the women will offer size 3X. Girls with Guns Clothing also is working on a line of rain gear.

Learn more about Universal Huntress TV. Follow the ladies on their Facebook page.

Visit Girls with Guns Clothing.

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