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Mentoring the Next Generation: Julie Kreuter

Lea Leggitt continues with her series of red-carpet interviews, “Mentoring the Next Generation, at the Golden Moose Awards from the Outdoor Channel. In this installment, she talked to Julie Kreuter, co-host of Outdoor Channel’s Beyond the Hunt, where it’s not just harvest that makes hunts memorable.


I asked Julie about being a mentor to other ladies and she seemed very honored. You can watch her response in the video below.

I also asked her how she got into hunting.

I grew up on a large cattle ranch in Nebraska and learned to shoot guns with my dad. Growing up, I remember shooting many tin cans off of a fencepost for target practice, which later turned into deer and waterfowl hunting with my dad. However, it wasn’t until I met my husband, Rick, that I learned to shoot a bow. I’ve always enjoyed experiencing wildlife up close and personal. I just love what the outdoors has taught me and it’s honestly provided me with some life-changing experiences. I’m very blessed to have hunting and shooting sports as a big part of my life.

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Rick and Julie Kreuter with Lea Leggitt. (Mia Anstine photo)

Visit Beyond the Hunt.

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