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Mentoring the Next Generation: Nicole Reeve

As many of you who follow The WON know, Lea Leggitt – of Mia & the Little Gal (or, LG, as we affectionately call her here at The WON) – attended her first SHOT Show last January. While there, she and her mom and step-dad spent time backstage and on the red carpet at the Outdoor Channel’s Golden Moose Awards. Remington Arms is supporting this series of interviews with some of the industry’s finest ambassadors. Here is Lea’s first installment in her series on “Mentoring the Next Generation.”

I was so excited to get to meet and interview Nicole Reeve, co-host of the Outdoor Channel’s Driven with Pat and Nicole.  Nicole has hunted all around the world and has even taken Boone and Crocket and Pope and Young animals. I asked her what she likes most about being a mentor to other ladies. You can see her answer in the video below.

I also asked her a couple more questions:

Lea: How did you get into hunting?

Nicole: I grew up with 2 older brothers and no sisters, so needless to say. whatever they did, I did! Also, my dad would never leave me out. At the young age of 2, I joined in on the deer hunting festivities with my dad, mom and brothers and several family friends. Shooting my first deer at a young age proved hunting was in my blood; I didn’t know any different. Both my dad and mom were very supportive of my passion and love for the outdoors, but none of us ever dreamed I would be doing what I am for a living. I’ve been very blessed and my favorite part is knowing my inspiration and impact on younger females who enjoy my same passion and love for the outdoors.

Lea: What does winning a Golden Moose award mean to you?

Nicole: Winning a Golden Moose award goes so much further than just winning. The hard work, dedication, blood, sweat and tears we put in each year to bring our fans/viewers the best Driven with Pat and Nicole footage we can comes full circle when we are nominated for an award, let alone win one! While both Pat and I grew up in the outdoors, neither one of us knew anything about videography when we started out, which is really why our “Driven” testimony stands true: no matter what you put your mind too, if you’re “Driven” enough you will succeed. That’s really why we do what we do: to make a positive impact on others and show that no matter what life throws you … to pick yourself up and stay driven!


Visit Driven with Pat and Nicole.

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