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Turkey Hunting Guns for 2015

In this installment of “Ask Marti,” our reader wants to know about turkey hunting guns for 2015, and Marti just happens to know of 5 great options.



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Dear Marti,

I’ve been using my dad’s old goose gun for hunting. It’s heavy and has a really long barrel. What other options are available for a gal who is looking for a turkey hunting shotgun?

Too Heavy and Too Long in Tuscaloosa

Dear TH &TL,

There are numerous shotguns for you to choose from, and some great offerings for women hunters. Here are 5 different shotguns that I looked at last past week at the 39th Annual National Wild Turkey Federation Convention and Sport Show in Nashville, Tenn., and frankly, you should check them out and see if one is a good “fit” for you.



Lisa Walters, of Remington Outdoor Company, holds the V3. (Marti Davis photo)

Remington V3 Field Sport

Remington Outdoor Company unveiled its new V3 Field Sport autoloader shotguns this past January at the SHOT Show. This line of shotguns utilizes Remington’s Versaport gas system, which I think is a great feature because it cycles lightweight loads and the heavier turkey loads without fail and makes for lighter recoil. So, even if you buy this as your turkey gun, you can still take it to the skeet field or dove hunting (with lighter loads, of course) and not have any cycling issues.

The V3 weighs in at 7-¼ pounds. While these new 12 gauges aren’t available yet, they should be here this summer, in time for fall turkey seasons. They will be available in the wood/blued, synthetic/camo in either Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades or Break-up Country camo and the synthetic black/matte finishes. On down the road the V3s are expected to be offered in a 20-gauge version.

Barbara Baird shot this gun at a writer’s event last fall, and fell in love. She says she can hardly wait to take this one dove and then, turkey hunting, in the fall.

MSRP: $750 to $850



(Barbara Baird photo)

Browning Silver NWTF

The Browning Silver line of semi-automatic shotguns has been out for a several years now in various models. This year the company added the Silver NWTF 12 gauge in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo. This shotgun comes in a 24-inch barrel length and will shoot up to 3-½-inch shells. The overall length is 45 inches with a length of pull at 14-¼ inches. It has a magazine capacity of 4 shells and weighs in at 7 pounds, 4 ounces. These shotguns use Browning’s Invector-Plus choke tube systems. Another feature I am particularly intrigued by is the HiViz 4-in-1 sight. It’s bright and I really like the the look, and potential to see the sight better in low light conditions.

I really like its Dura-Touch Armor Coating, as it makes for a non-slip grip. I also like the flexibility of being able to choose 2-¾ inch, 3 inch or 3-½ inch shells. I have used the Browning Silver 12-gauge slug gun and the Silver 12-gauge field gun the past few years. This Silver NWTF is one I’d like to take to the range and test.

MSRP: $1,579.99


Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag

(Barbara Baird photo)

Mossberg Model 835 GT Grand Slam

The Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag turkey 12 gauge is a pump-action shotgun in either a 20-inch vent-rib barrel or 24-inch vent-rib, ported barrel. The 835s are chambered in 3.5 inch and come with an X-Factor ported turkey choke tube. The sights are an adjustable fiber optic system. These shotguns weigh in around 7.5 pounds, depending upon which barrel length you choose.

You can use this beauty/beast combo for turkey or waterfowl, and the stock is a synthetic composition in Mossy Oak Obsession.

MSRP: $633



Here's Jessie Duff, from NRA All Access on the Outdoor Channel, and of course, professional championship competition shooter. She's holding a Weatherby SA-459 for turkey hunting.

(Barbara Baird photo)

Weatherby SA-459

Weatherby’s 2015 shotgun line has several new models to choose from. Pro competition shooter Jessie Duff had a few minutes to chat with Barbara Baird at the NWTF convention. She told her that she’s looking forward to trying out the Weatherby SA-459 semi-auto shotgun in the turkey woods this season.

This shotgun is available in either 12 gauge or 20 gauge with a 22-inch vented top rib barrel. It comes with an extended XF fluted choke tube. I like the green fiber optic front sight and removable Picatinny receiver mount – because if you want to add optics, this option makes it easy to do. The shotgun is fully dipped in Realtree Xtra Green camo and the synthetic stock includes a rubberized pistol grip for better control.

Both the 12 gauge and 20 gauges will shoot up to a 3-inch shell and have a magazine capacity of 5+1. Overall, its length is 44 inches and the 12 gauge weighs in at 6 ¾ pounds, while the 20 gauge weighs 6 ¼ pounds.

MSRP: $799


Winchester SX3 Long Beard

(Barbara Baird photo)

Winchester SX3 Long Beard

Winchester came out with the SX3 Long Beard 12-gauge semi-auto turkey gun last year and I wish I had been able to sling this one then. Why? Because, I like the looks and feature of this pistol-grip stock, which is slimmer and therefore lighter. In addition, the stocks in the SX3 line come with spacers that allow you to adjust the length of pull, the cast and the drop. Bottom line – you can adjust this shotgun to fit you. It comes in Realtree Xtra Green. The S stands for Super, and our Barbara Baird took an SX3 into the dove field and left with a lot of doves for her famous enchiladas. In fact, Winchester Repeating Arms claims that outdoor writers love this gun, and we can see why.

This 12 gauge weighs 7 ½ pounds, will shoot up to 3-½ inch shells and holds 4 in the magazine. Overall length is 46 inches, with the 24-inch barrel.

MSRP: $1,269.99

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