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Women of Remington Outdoor Company: Jessica Kallam

Women’s Outdoor News is delighted to present a year-long series featuring the Women of Remington Outdoor Company. We launch it with a guest post from one of the industry’s hardest working and well-respected women, Jessica Kallam.


Jessica is shooting a Remington R4 11.5 full auto, with an 11.5” 1/7 twist, 4150CMV chromed line, MIL SPEC components and double heat shield HGs. (Remington Arms photo)


I am fortunate to be able to represent some of the most well recognized and established brands in the firearms’ industry.  I am a shooter, a hunter and someone who believes strongly in self-defense. My role as the manager of media relations for Remington Outdoor Company , and recently, as manager for Remington’s female initiative program, has provided me with the opportunity to hunt and shoot with some of the most seasoned professionals in the industry.  I have trained at elite tactical facilities, as well as witnessed, firsthand, nature’s wonderful bounties from a treestand.

About the new focus on women, Jessica said, “I am excited to manage Remington’s new female initiative program and as part of that program, I’d love to have the opportunity to hunt with you.” Jessica will be hosting a women’s-only Rio hunt with Remington Country Outfitters in April in Oklahoma.




But as a mother, it isn’t just about me anymore.  I want to take my passion and the skills I have learned and pass them along to my daughter.  She loves to shoot and we have spent many hours of quality time shooting clays out of the air and plinking reactive targets with our .22s.  As she grew older, the love of shooting evolved into handguns and tactical shotguns.  I always made the sessions about being safe and having fun.  Little did she know that our playful range sessions would become the basis of a lifelong commitment to personal protection.



Prepare her? Oh yeah. Here’s Jessica’s daughter at a youth event at Gunsite Academy. She is shooting a Para Recon 9. (Jessica Kallam photo)


As a mother, it’s my responsibility to prepare and empower my daughter for life and part of that is personal protection.  Many people probably don’t think about things like that when preparing their children for the real world.  It is important to me that my daughter can not only think for herself, and support herself, but that she can protect herself.



Jessica’s daughter at Gunsite with the Para Recon 9. (Jessica Kallam photo)


So, as a professional woman and a dedicated volleyball mom, I wear many hats. But one of the gifts I want to ensure I pass along to my daughter is the ability to be an independent person and one who respects the Second Amendment.  And when it comes time for her to leave the nest, I will rest assured knowing that I did the best I could to prepare her.  As for now, I’ll settle for being the “cool mom” who takes her shooting – and I am just fine with that.


Il Ling-Kallam

Kallam, in gray behind instructor Il Ling New, at a Remington Arms’ sponsored media event for women at Gunsite Academy. More often than not, Kallam stays behind-the-scenes, but at this event, she joined the women on the line for a shooting drill, using tactical shotguns. (Barbara Baird photo)

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