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#TbT: Peeps — Always ‘In Season’

In this #TbT post, Babbs waxes on about Peeps and all the things you can do with them, including range time. After all, Peeps are “always in season.”

You’ll see them in all the discount stores soon after the official Easter weekend. Leftover Peeps.

peepscakeYou know, those little marshmallow chicks that come in six colors now because brown (thank God, it’s chocolate) debuted a few years ago.

Peeps, originally in yellow, have been around since the 1954 – a real American tradition. The reason they have landed on this site as an outdoor topic is because some of my outdoor gal pals and I were discussing them, and wondering if they would work in that staple of outdoor food: the s’more.

A Peep s’more. Why not? 

And why not try these suggestions for your leftover or bargain basement Peeps?

From Kirstie Pike, President, Prois Hunting Apparel: Peanut butter and Peeps sammiches, fruit salad a la Peeps, toasted Peeps and Rice Krispy Peeps bars

From Arkansas trapper of the Year 2008 and freelance writer Jill Easton Spencer: Melted Chickie Sweet Potato Peep Casserole, with “those little eyes peering up as they are spooned out would be too cunning.” Hmm, I wonder if those little eyes would last 20 minutes in 350 degrees?

If you can’t get enough Peeps, then head to its website where you may join the Peeps Fan Club and enjoy V.I.P(eeps) access to e-cards, gift tags, buddy icons and sneak Peeps at upcoming product lines.

If you need more ideas, check out this Peeps’ ad.

Oh, and for you weight conscious folks, Peeps now comes in sugar-free style, and the website includes a recipe for Sugar-Free Peeps Treats.

Since it’s Science Fair time of the year at local elementary schools throughout the country, why not entertain the idea of using Peeps in experiments? I know my boys liked to put Peeps in the microwave until the little chicks almost melted away. Or, did they blow up?

And, just in case you’re not sick of Peeps yet, here are some facts its website:

  • Peeps are so popular they have been the best selling non-chocolate Easter candy for the last decade. Could it be the Peep Generation has morphed from the Y Generation?
  • It would take more than 172 millions Peeps bunnies end-to-end to circle the moon.
  • Each Peeps chick has 32 calories and 0 grams of fat.

Here’s our pal Brita, on the range with a Christmas Peep that she shot in the peep, at 25 yards with an AR-15. (Barbara Baird photo)

One more thing Peeps … you can take them or leave them. You like them or hate them. No two Peeps about it … these little confections are always “in season.”

This Retro-WON was published originally on March 30, 2013.

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