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Children and Guns — What You Should Know Now

Thanks to The Well Armed Woman and Carrie Lightfoot, for this guest post on what you should know now about your children and guns. It’s a call to action by parents and gun owners.

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For the educated and responsible gun owning parent, these are positive words. We think about the next generation we are raising who will fight to protect our Second Amendment rights, a generation that respects guns as the powerful tool they are and knows how to care for and handle them properly. We smile as we think of our family time on the range. For others, hearing the words ‘children and guns’ elicits horrific images and fears along with cries for stricter laws to protect them.

As mothers and fathers, we have to understand this and these emotionally charged responses from those that lack the understanding that we have as responsible gun owners.
I participated in a number of interviews following the tragic accident involving a 9 year old girl who accidentally shot an instructor while shooting a subcompact automatic Uzi. We all have opinions and criticisms of this incident and are rightfully disturbed by choices made by the adults involved. Rather than add to the dialogue which we are seeing everywhere in the press and social media, I would like to focus on what an incident like this means to us as parents and gun owners.
Read the rest of the post at TWAW.
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