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Guest Post: 10 Things My Horse Taught Me About Shooting

Annette Doerr writes the popular blog WeShoot2. In this guest post, she focuses on 10 things her horse taught her about shooting. We think you’ll crack a little smile when you read this one, and see some astute comparisons, as well. Thanks, Annette.



(Kristen Doerr photo)

1. You get what you pay for. The old saying “You get what you pay for” is absolutely true. I once got a “great deal” on a water bottle for trail riding. It seemed handy, hooked over the horn of my western saddle and then secured around the fender. Sounds great, right? Well the first time we used it was when my husband (not exactly an equestrian) took my horse on a Poker Run with some friends of mine. It was all good, until my horse started spinning and bucking. Seems the nylon strap that hooked the water bottle over the horn came undone causing the full water bottle to drop onto my horses shoulder, spooking him as it banged into him every time he moved.

Now imagine getting a “great deal” on a cheap holster. Is securing your weapon something you REALLY want to skimp on? Cheap, Chinese plastic may look like a good deal, but if it cracks and breaks while you’re using it, the last thing you need is to have your weapon unsecured or worse yet, fall. While there are plenty of good deals to be had on quality holsters, know what you’re buying, and buy the best quality that you can afford (preferably American made!)

ADCody2 copy

The author and her horse, Cody. (Kristen Doerr photo)

2.  Breath. Yes, breathing is important in both equestrian activities and shooting. When I’m on my horse and I get nervous, I sing. I’m a terrible singer, but singing keeps me breathing.

Want to read the other 8 comparisons? Jump on over to WeShoot2.

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