WON Landing Page March 2022

Mentoring the Next Generation: Shemane and Ted Nugent

In the last of her “Mentoring the Next Generation” series, brought to you by Remington Outdoors Company, Lea Leggitt interviews outdoor legends Shemane and Ted Nugent at the Golden Moose Awards.

When the Outdoor Channel offered me the opportunity to interview several TV personalities during the Golden Moose Awards, I hoped I would meet  Shemane and Ted Nugent.

My friends know the Nuge from his rock ‘n’ roll music and from his TV show, Spirit of the Wild. Although I, too, am a fan of his music, I could hardly wait to meet the Nugents because I know they bowhunt. So do I.



One thing that I’ll never forget? Even though Ted and Shemane needed to move along to the awards, they insisted on taking the time to explain to me why mentoring is so important to them.  They would not be hurried, because both of them felt my question merited thoughtful responses.



(Mia Anstine photo)

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