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What’s Your ‘Lucky Charm’ on the Range?

Does superstition have a place at the gun range? Do you have a “lucky charm” that you must carry with you to the range when you shoot – especially in competition? I asked some women in the shooting world to tell us about their good luck items, and here’s what they said.

Eileen Haislar said her “lucky vertical stripe underwear,” is her good luck charm. “Really … I’m serious. I have to wear a certain pair and I always do better,” she said, at the Facebook page, The Shooting Sisterhood, which is a wonderful resource for women who love the shooting sports.

Other women weighed in at The Shooting Sisterhood.

  • Teri Horne said, “I have a projectile … that I dug out. I carry [it] in my range bag.” Hmmm, we’re wondering where she dug the projectile from, and think there might be a follow-on story there.
  • Meanwhile, Kate Lunsfod said, “I always wear my favorite boots and belt. I feel they bring me luck!”
  • Meanwhile, Ellen Shumate said her lucky charm is her gun, which makes it easy.

(Anette Doerr Selfie)


In a separate email, WeShoot2 blogger, Annette Doerr, wrote, “I shoot better with my lucky pistol earrings in! I wore these to Media Day at the Range this year at SHOT Show, and not only shot better, but also got a ton of compliments from … the men! I also wore them when I directed my first Women on Target clinic this fall. I now make a conscious effort to wear my lucky earrings to the range every time.”


(Anette Wachter selfie)

Then, 30 Cal Gal, aka Anette Wachter, told us, “Gold Metal patch from when I won the 2011 British Columbia Rifle Championship. I was the 2nd woman ever and 1st American woman to win the match in 127 years.” Well now, we think we’d probably frame that patch instead of tote it around in a bag, but then again, that’s impressive, Anette.

Do you carry a lucky charm to shooting events? If so, what is it and why?


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