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50 Shades of … Gunsite

Gun writer Richard Mann and our Babbs went on a hunt in the pro shop at Gunsite Academy to bring you 50 Shades of … Gunsite. Find out what they discovered for gun fighters.

If you are fortunate enough to attend a course at one of the nation’s elite firearms training schools, aka Gunsite Academy, you’ll want to commemorate your attendance by purchasing something from its well-stocked pro shop. Gun writer Richard Mann (RM) suggested that we take on the task of finding 50 items in the shop, to illustrate the vast selection of items. The topic of “50 Shades of …” — regarding the book and movie’s pop culture notoriety — came up in the previous evening’s dinner discussion with the others whom Remington Arms had invited to test its new gun, the RM380.



Richard and I decided to run with that theme, and apply it in a clean version to the pro shop. The shop has an online site, and claims, “The Gunsite Pro Shop carries top of the line equipment that is battle tested from the streets of our communities to the battlefields throughout the world. If it doesn’t pass the muster of our great students and staff, you won’t find it in our Pro Shop.”



#1 — Gunsite challenge coins, $9.95: Go ahead. Make someone’s day and have a game of “who’s got the coolest challenge coin?” You do. (BB)


wrapping-paper-gunsite#2 — Wrapping paper, $ 0.99: Speaks for itself and can be used for Christmas, birthdays, or bachelor parties. (RM)


exist-bumper-sticker#3 — “Exist” bumper sticker, $1.50: Check out the interesting letter design here. Make a hippie mad today. (BB)



#4 — Decal, $ 3: It goes on your truck, gun case, or ATV. Let’s folks know you’ve been to the Camelot of the great southwest. (RM)



#5 — Winestoppers, $5.95 each: Obviously, you will make a subtle lifestyle statement when you cork your wine with Gunsite topper, especially at the aforementioned bachelor party. Or, you might buy a bunch of them, like a woman in the gift shop did, cut off the corks and make drawer pulls. (BB)


raven-earringsandpendant#6 — Silver Raven earrings and pendant, $ 65: When my wife and I went to Gunsite on our anniversary we bought this set. She wears the earrings; I wear the pendant. You can wear all three but if you’re a guy you might get some funny looks. (RM)



#7 — Fit-over Shooting Glasses, $24.95: Face it. Someday, if you live long enough, you’ll have to wear fit-overs. Maybe after cataract surgery. Life happens. Notch up the cool factor and walk around mugging like we did and it will help the situation. (BB)


DVCpin-gunsite#8 — DVC pin, $4: You don’t know what DVC sands for? Shame on you. “Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas.” Don’t know what that means? Google is your friend! (RM)


can-can-corset#9 Can Can Concealment, $119: Some of us thought this tactical corset merited attention. That’s Sara Ahrens mugging it for this photo. Appreciate you, girl.  (BB)


shot-glass-gunsite#10 — Shot glass, $5 – Not to be used on the range. Pour half full with Jameson or Midleton Irish whiskey, drink and be happy. (RM)


knee-pads-shooting#11 — Hatch knee pads, $23.35: Go all tactical with these knee pads on the range. (BB)


gunsite-licenseplate#12 Gunsite License Plate, $ 7 — Show that you are a member of the Gunsite family. You might be surprised who waves at you when you have one of these on the front of your car. (RM)


BladTech-mouse-knife#13 BladeTech Mouse-Lite knife kit, $24.95: A mini-version of the Pro Hunter Magnum. Clips to your belt and comes in funky colors. (BB)


raven-gunsite-ballcap#14 Gunsite ball cap, $18: The best selling item in the Gunsite Po Shop. Looks good on your head and is much less painful than a raven tattoo. (RM)


IMG_1671#15 Raven hitch cover, $74.95: A “fitting end” on any truck of great stature. (BB)


8#16 Gunsite gun rug, $ 19.95: A protective place to put your pistol when it’s not in service. (RM)


gunsite-onesie#17 Onesie, $8: “My grandma went to Gunsite and all she bought me was this … cool onesie!” (BB)
sheep-dog--shirt-gunsite#18 Sheep dog shirt, $22: Probably the second most popular item sold in the Gunsite pro shop. Be a sheep dog, kill the big bad wolf. (RM)


chums#19 Chums, $6: Eyewear retainers always come in handy — either for fit-overs or for fishing glasses.  (BB)


Perry Suspenders#20 Perry suspenders, $22.95: Do you have dunlop disease where you belly done lops over your belt? Can you not keep your pistol belt up? Here is the fix. They may not be fashionable but they are effective. (RM)


IMG_1679#21 BoreSnake, $25: Face it. Your pistol is gonna get dirty at Gunsite. If it ain’t the sand, it’s the lead. What? You didn’t bring a BoreSnake with you? No problem.  (BB)


511-polo-gunsite#22 5.11 polo shirt, $35.99: Classier than a tee shirt and cool in the summer. (RM)


pink-pistol-pouch#23 Pink pistol pouch, $24.95: For the lady who wants to make sure she can find her pistol pouch quickly and more than likely, “he” won’t borrow it. (BB)


gunsite-apron#24 Gunsite Apron, $23.95: Designed as an apron to wear while working on guns, it will work just as well at the grill. If you’re a man it must be worn with a pistol, women have the option of paring it with lingerie. (RM)


croc-concealedcarrypurse#25 Croco Town tote, $249.95: Classic. Looks expensive, feels expensive, is expensive – but worth it. (BB)


gunsite-dumppouch#26 Dump pouch, $27: Used to store extra ammo or magazines while on the range training. It’s a great piece of kit for many Gunsite classes and other training programs. You can also use it while your fishing to hold your beer. (RM)


gunsite-coaster#27 Gunsite coaster, $3.95: Because you can never have enough coasters, and often evokes this question: “Oh, you went to Gunsite?” For which, you can extol the virtues and brag about your newfound shooting skills. (BB)


raven-grips-1911#28 1911 Thin raven grips, $32.95: Don’t underestimate how thin grips can improve the feel of a 1911. Gunsite Raven Grips are movie stars and have appeared in the Tom Selleck Jessie Stone films. (RM)


survival bracelet-gunsite#29 Survival bracelet, $10: Susan Davidson’s 13-year-old grandson makes these bracelets. She manages the shop. With the proceeds, he purchased his first gun, holster, belt and ammo pouches for his first class at Gunsite! (BB)


art-of-the-rifle#30 The Art of the Rifle, $35: A rifle shooter without this book is nothing but a trigger puller. This is an instructive read for anyone who has designs on being a rifleman. Authored by Jeff Cooper. (RM)


urban-camo-hawaiian-ccw-shirt#31 Hawaiian shirt, $39.95: The pro shop calls this one, “urban camo.” Great concealed carry shirt for guys and remember, Magnum wore one. (BB)


Cooper-book-fireworks#32 Fireworks, A Gunsite Analogy, $39.95: Jeff Cooper’s 2nd best book. Your firearm’s education is not complete without it. (RM)


gunsite-tankard-mug#33 Gunsite tankard mug, $24.95: Beautiful stoneware mug that will hold your favorite beverage before and after range time.


Wilderness-belt#34 Wilderness belt, $44.95: Some like leather and some don’t. Some folks also like to loosen their pistol belt after breakfast, again after lunch and once more after supper. (RM)



#35 Blade-Tech off-set drop holster, $69.95: You know the holster is going to matter a lot during training here. Get a good one, and this one cants forward so you can get a grip fast. (BB)


jacket-gunsite#36 Fall jacket, $45.95: A great deal on a cool weather jacket that shows off your Gunsite alliance. (RM)


bullet-earrings#37 Ammo earrings, $21.95: Tell the world you support hunting and shooting when you wear this bit o’ bling.


to-ride-straight-cooper#38 To Ride Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth, $50: Unquestionably Cooper’s best book. You’ll think about many things differently after you read it. (RM)


mental-conditioning-cooper#39 Jeff Cooper on Mental Conditioning Combat, $34.95: The title says it all. It’s one of the main reasons you should attend Gunsite. Become a gunfighter, not a just a gun owner.  (BB)


Galco-ching-sling#40 Galco Gunleather Safari Ching Sling, $79.95: Learning to shoot a rifle with a sling is something you will never regret. If you learn to do it with a Ching Sling, those who see you will regret they didn’t. (RM)


sniper-book#41 Modular sniper data book, $43.35: Record keeping book for kills and other things. (BB)


Galco holster 1911#42 Galco Gunleather Avenger holster, $ 94.95: One of my favorite range training holsters made of the best leather money can buy. Few things are as sexy as a 1911 in an Avenger holster. (RM)

#43 Handgun Training, by Richard Mann, $21.99: Richard says this is almost as good as any of Cooper’s books, and wants everyone to buy at least 2 copies. (BB)


dummy-rounds#44 Dummy Rounds, $ 0.50 each: Dummy rounds are the best way to practice malfunction drills and immediate action. 10 of them will last you a lifetime. (RM)


gunsite-shorts#45 Gunsite grey shorts, $16: Richard would not hold these up and turned his back on the camera … no doubt the shorts are comfy since they are made of cotton. (BB)


Colt-CCO#46 Colt CCO, $1,395: Without question, the best defensive handgun Colt makes and it’s only available through Gunsite. It has a Commander slide and an Officer frame. I ordered mine on Cooper’s birthday – May 10th – what better way to honor the Guru. (RM)


gunsite-children-tee#47 Gunsite children’s tee shirts, $8.50 each: In soft pastels, this shirt features a small-embroidered raven. We bet your child could even wear this shirt to school, and no one would mind. (BB)



#48 Steyr Scout, $2,899: Quite possibly the one-rifle answer to any question. Created with input from the Colonel himself, the Steyr Scout is loaded with features you won’t find on any other rifle. (RM)


raven-bronze-30thanniversary#49 — 30th Anniversary bronze, $995: With only 100 in production, you know these will only increase in value and create conversation in your office or home. (BB)


25#50 Gunsite 250 Pistol Graduation Certificate, Priceless: Everyone I’ve talked to who has graduated the Gunsite 250 Course said it was life changing. I concur. (RM)

Visit the Gunsite Academy pro shop online.


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