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Exquisite Taxidermy: Linen and Lamps

In this installment of “Bringing the Wild Inside,” Rita Schimpff describes several exquisite taxidermy twists, using linen and lamps to highlight trophies.


“Bringing the Wild Inside,” with Rita Schimpff, is sponsored by Heritage Game Mounts.


Heritage-Game-Mounts-Rita- Schimpff-booth

Here’s Rita Schimpff at her booth at one of many shows she attends annually. (Wendy Barber photo)

We are always looking for new and elegant ways to display our taxidermy. Heritage Game Mounts  and Safari Life Taxidermy,  both located in San Antonio, Texas, offer some new and exciting ways to enjoy your hunting trophies.

Linen and lamps are the buzzwords.


(Suzanne G. photo)

A client visited me at Heritage Game Mounts with a challenge: she wanted to do something different with her aoudad horns, possibly turn them into a pair of lamps. I knew that Brendon Wood, owner of Safari Life Taxidermy, could handle this custom order and together, we collaborated to make this exquisite lamp and its mate. The large end of the horn is accented with a handmade brass cap.

Price: upon request for special orders.


(Rita Schimpff photo)

Brendon hails from South Africa and not only creates stunning full body mounts and dioramas for trophy rooms, but also understands the décor side of taxidermy as well. He creates lamps and 3-light candle stands from graceful Kudu horn and sconces from Gemsbok horn. The bases of the lamps are hand-polished, native Texas cedar.

Candle stand: $195

Kudu lamp: $210

Gemsbok sconce: $165 each/$250 pair


(Rita Schimpff photo)

One of the most popular panels in the Heritage Game Mount’s line is the Monogram Legacy. In addition to being so very personal, these panels are offered in several combinations of monogram styles, fabrics and finishes. Shown here is the monogram — using Times Roman with dots on linen and placed on the Blackberry panel. I designed the Legacy panel and cover for mule deer, whitetail, fallow, axis and similar-size game.

Price: $275 (antlers not included)


(Rita Schimpff photo)

Another style is the beautiful “Point Monogram” on tweed and on the Legacy panel in the Black Forest finish.



(Rita Schimpff photo)

Another variation of a linen monogram mount, intended for larger game such as stag, elk or moose, is shown on the Heritage Stag panel. This moose is shown mounted on the Blackberry finish.

Price: $450 (antlers not included)


(Rita Schimpff photo)

I like to change the way we view our game trophies. Our trophies are handsome and traditionally hung on the wall, but also will look lovely as a tabletop accent or as a piece of art or sculpture. Here, I combined and repurposed a vintage impala on contemporary linen and black pedestal studded with nail heads.

Price: $225 (horns are included)


(Rita Schimpff photo)

Displayed on this mantle, the striking black horns of a vintage gemsbok sees life a new and may be enjoyed as nature’s sculpture by once again, by incorporating the use of linen and mounting on a pedestal.

Price: $225 (horns are included)

Let your imagination soar and let us help you with your future trophy or to re-purpose an older.

Check out my post on Black Forest Style, for more decorating ideas of this nature!


  • About Rita Schimpff

    Rita Schimpff is an artist and designer who grew up hunting, fishing and enjoying outdoor life in Oklahoma and Texas, thus developing an early love and respect for wildlife and their habitat. She has carried this love to her art and her long involvement with many local and national conservation associations. As a member of the first Junior League San Antonio Mitchell Lake Wetlands Project, she created its logo and illustrated Mitchell Lake Wildlife Refuge: an Illustrated History. A graduate of Texas Christian University with a BFA in Commercial Art and Textile Design, Rita retired after more than 30 years in an interior design field. She launched her Texas based company, Heritage Game Mounts. She creates elegant, Old-World-inspired panels to display domestic and exotic game. She pens a blog called “Bring The Wild Inside” at the site, and at The WON, that offers ways to bring beauty and balance to the shared hunter/non-hunter home. Rita and her husband, Skip, have made hunting and fishing a large priority with their children. Along with two Boykin Spaniels and numerous adopted rescues, all aspects of hunting are very much a family affair. All of Heritage Game Mounts’ products are American made.