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The Flashbro – a Bra Holster for Men?

When Tom McHale walked the aisles of a gun show in 2011, he did not expect that he would soon undergo a life-changing experience. Then, he met 8-month-pregnant Lisa Looper, creator of the Flashbang bra, who asked him in public if he could spot her gun on her body, placed securely in its newly developed holster – attached to her bra.

Lisa Looper. Photo by Barbara Baird

Lisa Looper (Barbara Baird photo)

The happily married gun writer delivered the appropriate response: he immediately looked at the ceiling. And after a few minutes, he took Looper seriously. She and her husband, Bart, run Looper Law Enforcement, a company that makes holsters.

It’s been a few years and a few reviews later. The Loopers and McHale have established a friendship, and McHale often extols the virtues of not only the bra holster, as in this post at his blog, but also, the entire line of holsters designed for females. Renowned for credible holster reviews (check out his book on holsters), McHale relies on trusty female resources to deliver opinions on holsters built to accommodate feminine pulchritude.

However, he wonders if maybe the Loopers are missing out on another opportunity, and that is … to create a bra holster for men. 

I spent time in the Flashbang booth with McHale and the Loopers recently at a trade show and listened to the concept.

“Please keep this between us and the Internet, but Bart and I are looking at testing a product similar to the Flashbang, but for men,” said McHale.

“I’ve been jealous about Lisa’s product for the last 4 years,” confessed McHale. “We want to bring our guns up from around our waists and belly bands.”


Tom McHale hopes to see a Flashbro in the near future. (Barbara Baird photo)

“We’ll call it the Flashbro,” stated Looper.

“Or the Brobang,” said McHale.

McHale said he’s currently eating pancakes and waffles, trying to grow his upper chest region in order to test the product.

You read it here first, folks. We’ll let you know when the product becomes available.

Flashbang Lisa LooperIn the meantime, check out the wonderful line of holsters for women and men at Flashbang.

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The Conversation

  • Susan P says: June 7, 2015 at 3:30 pm

    My first thought was the man would have to be heavy enough to grow “man boobs” before a flashbang style of holster would actually conceal a firearm. But, after reading the article I see that the man who suggested it has already come to the same conclusion. *grin*

    Good luck to you on the new design…