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4th Annual Sanctuary Classic Fishing and Photo Contest

Contest Kicks off July 4 and Runs Through Labor Day, Offering Weekly Prizes
Up to $13,000 in Youth Scholarships from Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation

For the fourth straight year, The Sportfishing Conservancy, the Guy Harvey Oceans Foundation and NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries are working together on the Sanctuary Classic, a unique, free fishing and photo contest that celebrates recreational fishing in America’s national marine sanctuaries and promotes conservation-focused fishing practices.

136The 2015 Sanctuary Classic – which kicks off in the Keys and runs through Monday, September 7 (Labor Day) – will continue to work much as it has in the past, by awarding prizes for fishing photos taken in any National Marine Sanctuary or adjacent waters.

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East Coast:    Tom Raftican, (805) 895-3000, tom@sportfishingconservancy.org
West Coast:    Jenny Armstrong (949) 813-7831, jenny@sportfishingconservancy.org
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