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Photo Feature: Team Rough ‘Riters at the Shooting Industry Masters

We went. We saw. We shot. A lot.

The 13th Annual Shooting Industry Masters is now in the record books. Team Rough ‘Riters – sponsored by Volquartsen, Remington Outdoor Company, Crossbreed Holsters, Diva WOW, The Well Armed Woman, Gun Goddess and A Girl and a Gun Women’s Shooting League – gave it our all for a solid two days, as we endured heat and humidity that made violets shrink and ankles swell.

The Shooting Industry Masters is an all industry, once yearly 3-gun match owned and operated by FMG Publications. It raises money for the NSSF’s First Shots program, and also benefits USA Shooting Team and Honored American Veterans Afield. This year, FMG Publications chose a Roaring ’20’s theme.

We found ourselves in 3-Gun scenarios, being timed as we ran from gun to gun to gun. We hustled across a field with airsoft guns, looking for gangstah paper faces and plastic bottles to shoot. We shot clay targets, steel targets, paper targets and plastic targets from shotguns, rifles, bows and pistols. We threw knives. We tried everything – at the numerous side matches – and sometimes again and again. The story of the weekend and its uniqueness can be told in these photos, where we used, as a friend used to say, “Other people’s guns with other people’s ammo.”


All the best people attend. Here are Carli and Carol Craighead, of Crossbreed Holsters.


Rough Riters SIM 2015-3 copy

Our official Team Rough ‘Riters photo. (FMG Publications photo)

Rough Riters SIM 2015-6 copy

XS Sights hosted the “Snitches Get Stitches” side match, and my teammate Larissa and I pose for this mug shot. (Tom McHale photo)



Here’s Ashley Hiebinsky and crew from the Cody Firearms Museum at their side match, which featured a 3-Gun challenge. (Jason Baird photo)

Adriana Galvan

Freedom Hunters sponsored an all-female team of women warriors. Here’s Adriana Galvan on a bow.

Rough Riters

Here’s The Bomb on a Tommy gun, thanks to the Zoot Shooters from Colorado. (Tom McHale photo)


Larissa gets coached by Freedom Hunters’ Anthony Pace, on how to shoot a flying disk after it was launched from a clay thrower.

Megan-Walther Terrus airgun

Army veteran Megan Putze enjoyed shooting the airguns. This one is a Walther Terrus.

Rough Riters

Ron Norton, president of Inland MFG (M1 Carbines), let us pose in this authentic Vietnam era jeep from the ’60s. (Tom McHale photo)


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