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Podcast #8: Why You Need a Women’s Shooting League at Your Range!

On this episode of Women’s Outdoor News Podcast, Stacy Bright and Barbara Baird talk about timely topics in shooting, hunting, fishing and adventure for women. Barbara interviews Stacy about the importance and advantages to ranges that offer women’s shooting leagues.


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Safariland's ELS quick release belt allows for 3-Gun competitors to change the setup of their rigs.

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The Well Armed Woman Weekly Tip – Founder Carrie Lightfoot: Tune in and get educated; why you need to be involved



Photo courtesy of the Wyoming Women’s Foundation


Pam Martin Wells is a winning angler in the ladies' circuit. Photo courtesy of Larry Morris, LBAA Media Specialist

Pam Martin Wells (Photo courtesy of Larry Morris)

ASK US: Where is a good safe place to fish for Salmon and when is the best time of year? I want to can/process some and bring it home. Is that legal to cross state lines with?



Here’s out intern, Lea Leggit. She’s empowered! (Mia Anstine photo)




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Interview: Barb talks to Stacy about how the importance of having a women’s shooting organization at your shooting range.


A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League

The Well Armed Woman

Special thanks to Adley Stump for graciously allowing us to play “Like This,” on our podcast.  See more from Adley on her website: http://www.adleystump.com

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