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Women of Remington Outdoor Company: Ginger Chandler, Engineer and Senior Veep

I met Ginger Chandler last spring at Gunsite Academy, while we put the new RM380 to the test. She spent a lot of time on the line, shooting the new firearm, as well as talking to gun writers about what they observed in this new firearm – designed specifically for the women’s market, as well as being a pocket pistol. It quickly became clear that she felt connected to the product and the people of Remington Outdoor Company. ~ Barbara Baird

Ginger Chandler chose the field of mechanical engineering a few years ago when only about 5% of engineer graduates were women. Fast-forward about 20+ years, and she now leads new product development and innovation as a senior vice president at Remington Outdoor Company, after a notable series of job progressions in the firearms and other industries. “I have the opportunity to work with outstanding professionals who design and manufacture excellence in the form of products and experiences,” she said.


An avid hunter, Chandler particularly likes to hunt deer and turkey. (Photo courtesy of Ginger Chandler)

Chandler describes herself as “passionate,” when it comes to the firearms industry. “I am excited about contributing my skill set to products that support the lifestyle I love. Living the outdoor lifestyle and sharing nature is extremely important to me and the fact that I get to be a part of it with a company with such deep American roots is very special,” added Chandler. Chandler also loves turkey hunting. “OK, I’ll admit it. I’m a turkey-hunting junkie. I started down the turkey path with a simple goal – I wanted to learn how to hunt turkeys!” She then did her homework. “I researched their behavior, the habitat, where they live, range and population of the different sub-species, characteristic of the different sub-species, calls, clothes and of course, shotguns and shotshells. I was determined to be successful,” she recalled. Chandler spent many hours in the field, and made rookie mistakes. “With the support of my friends, family, and a whole lot of trial and error, I can now say I am somewhat successful. It has been a journey and the turkeys have made it challenging,” she added. Now, she’s set her goal toward achieving the National Wild Turkey Federation’s Grand Slam.


Learning about the product means being willing to work on drills from the firing line, along with gun writers from the U.S. at Gunsite Academy. (Sam Soholt photo)

Chandler believes her time afield connects her to the role of leading new product development and innovation at Remington. “Being a consumer and having the experience allows me to better understand what fellow hunters want and need from their firearms,” she stated. “Nothing beats first-hand consumer knowledge and at Remington, we take that very seriously.” Remington Women’s Initiative  Remington Outdoor Company launched its Remington Women’s Initiative earlier this year, specifically to address the burgeoning women’s shooting market and its needs.


Chandler fires during the Dozier Drill, knocking down all the standing targets easily with the RM380. (Sam Soholt photo)

“I am committed to upholding the rich tradition of innovation at Remington. Led by a team of the most powerful minds in the industry and operating under the most advanced R&D network in the world, we are looking forward to providing you the utmost in products for your outdoor experiences. And with our Women’s Initiative program and your input, the tradition of innovation continues,” said Chandler.

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