WON Landing Page March 2022

Publisher’s Review: August Issue of ‘The American Woman Shooter’

Because we want to support our friends in the industry, we’re going to add a monthly review from the publisher of The American Woman Shooter, a magazine that really needs no explanation. Lucretia Free said this month’s issue features the following topics:

  • Meet American Woman Shooter Bobbi Jeen Olson: Shooter, actor, stunt and businesswoman extraordinaire
  • Straight Shootin’: Questions you are too embarrassed to ask, answered by our three person panel
  • Girls Can’t Do What? Meet teen shooter Cheyene Dalton
  • Personal Defense Tips for the Summer

When asked what she learned while putting together this issue, Lucretia said,

I have learned several things … but here are two. First, as a new shooter, I was in the dark about bows. I didn’t realize so many women who shoot also enjoy bows for recreation, hunting and competitive sport. I was thrilled to learn more from our bow hunter extraordinaire, Joella Bates. Secondly, I love our “Straight Shootin’” segment! In each issue, we ask a question or topic that women want to know more about, but often are embarrassed to ask. I learned common sense perspectives from 3 unique women regarding what to do with your gun when you use the ladies room. Perfect!

taws-covers-front-page-AddaVisit The American Woman Shooter online.

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