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Book Review: Grace Goes Bowhunting

We’re always on the lookout at The WON for children’s books about the outdoors. Author Shasta Sitton reached out to us and sent our 4-year-old reviewer, PenPen, her second book, Grace Goes Bowhunting. It’s a story about a young girl who goes on her first whitetail bowhunt with her parents.


Since our 4-year-old couldn’t write the review, her mother recorded the interview about the book. The most important aspect of the interview happened when PenPen decided she wanted to go bowhunting with her dad! Her mother reported that PenPen wanted her to read the book again, right after the recording, and it remains a popular book in the lineup at their house.

Listen to the interview about the book:

Grace Goes Bowhunting has been endorsed by Eva Shockey, Dr. James Kroll of Dr. Deer and North American Whitetail, Adventuress Magazine, Wide Open Spaces, and Huntress View.

According to Sitton,

It is getting a lot of positive attention already since it is a children’s hunting book featuring a girl hunter. Women and girls are growing in the hunting industry by leaps and bounds, yet as far as I’ve been able to find, mine is the first children’s book to feature a girl hunter.

The book has been published by  www.whitetailpress.com. Visit Shasta Sitton on Facebook.

Purchase on Amazon for $11.99.

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