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Crossbreed Holsters Introduces the Ten Year Anniversary Limited Edition Holster

To celebrate our 10 years of leading the Industry with the most innovative products on the market we are producing a limited run of custom holsters.  These holsters will be number 1-500 for the total production.  We wanted this holster to be as special as our customers that got us to this point.  Knowing this holster must be a work of fine craftsmanship in itself it must adhere to the quality and durability that CrossBreed is known for.
limited_editionFor these holsters any standard leather backer would not do so we started with a piece of Havana Brown Herman Oak English Bridal leather, the unmatched quality of this leather could only be improved by the addition of a thin layer of Horween Vermont Natural horsehide liner.  We then sew the edge of the backer with black thread to accent the black edge treatment applied to each piece.  Topping off this holster is a custom 10th Anniversary logo that is only available on the limited number holsters.  This results in a beautiful handcrafted backer that any user would gladly wear all day.

Because we are only producing number 1-500 of this holster and each piece will be made by hand once the customer places the order to their specifications.  The lead time on these holsters will be 2-3 weeks.

Order your Ten Year Anniversary Limited Edition Holster now.
**Due to the custom nature of the Ten Year Anniversary Limited Edition Holsters, there is no two week trial period available, and the item may not be returned. They do carry our lifetime warranty**

**Not available for use with other discounts**

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