WON Landing Page OCT 2022

Kristy Titus Featured in NRA Tips & Tactics Video Series 

NRA Certified Instructor, Kristy Titus is now working with NRA Women TV on their “Tips & Tactics” video series sponsored by Cabela’s Outdoor Fund. Titus is offering up her best tips to help women prepare for their first hunt, or new tactics for their hundredth hunt.
Kristy-Titus-NRABolt Action Rifle Fit-
No matter what type of firearm you are handling, fit is key. There is no “one size” fits all gun, and for that reason it may be necessary to make some adjustments to your gun to make it the best fit for you. In the latest episode of Tips and Tactics, Kristy Titus hones in on important aspects to look for when choosing a bolt-action rifle and a few add-ons you might consider to improve its fit for you. Click here to watch…Preparing For A Hunt-
Kristy Titus provides insight that will give you the physical strength and mental fortitude to tackle even the most demanding of hunts.  Click here to watch…
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