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Remington Outdoor Women Series: Sara Lawson

Sara Lawson is the Customer Experience Team Leader for Remington Arms. Find out why she is such a great fit for this position at Remington Arms. She lives the outdoor lifestyle of a Remington Outdoor Woman.

I grew up loving the outdoors. However, I never did any hunting and only shot a BB gun or .22 a handful of times. After I graduated from college, I was introduced to hunting and shooting and instantly felt at home in the woods.


(Sara Lawson photo)

On my first turkey hunt, I was able to harvest a nice tom with my friend’s Model 870 shotgun. The brand Remington was ingrained in me long before I started working for the company. As I got more into hunting, I acquired my own guns and my first shotgun was a Model 1100. It is still one of my favorites today.

Initially, hunting was a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with my husband. It allowed me to become familiar with firearms and is what drove me to start a career in the firearms industry. Coming to work at Remington has vastly expanded my knowledge of firearms and sparked a greater interest in shooting rather than just hunting. I enjoy shooting just for fun on our farm, whether it is shooting handguns, MSRs or shotguns.


(Sara Lawson photo)

When I became a mother, my free time for shooting and hunting definitely became more limited. However, it has changed my perspective also. With a young son and daughter at home, I have greater respect for providing food for a family and I feel more of a responsibility to pass on the tradition of hunting and shooting. It is important to me to demonstrate to my children that it can and should be a family effort to provide and take care of our family instead of just relying on going to the grocery store to get food. I also want to limit any gender stereotypes for my children. I want them to realize that Mommy is just as able as Daddy to go shoot something for dinner!


(Sara Lawson photo)

My son is already excited about hunting and while he is not quite big enough to shoot a deer or turkey, he loves to go sit in a blind with Mom and Dad any chance he gets. My daughter is following in his footsteps and I foresee hunting and shooting as a great avenue to build self-confidence in both of my children. I am excited that hunting and shooting is something we will always be able to do as a family.

~Sara Lawson

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