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Results In: International Women’s Fishing Association 2015 Islamorada Light Tackle Tournament

ISLAMORADA, FLORIDA- This year’s Islamorada Light Tackle Tournament was not totally blown out! As it is each year, the tourney was based out of the Islamorada Fishing Club and it brought in most of the usual International Women’s Fishing Association (IWFA) members that love being a part of this tournament every year. These ladies sure do know how to have fun even when presented with the bad news of cancelling two consecutive fishing days out of the three day tournament. The winds were gusting making conditions unsafe for fishing. We were all pretty down about not being able to fish those days but we made up for it by spending time with each other doing different activities and playing tourist for a day. Some of the ladies went shopping, others went to Key West and some just relaxed around town. Tuesday was a more eventful day as we all got together after our Social Director, or so was the title we gave her after coming up with such fun activities, Connie O’Day rallied up the troops and we all met at the Fishing Club for card games and the surprise activity belly dancing lessons. We at the IWFA have members with all sorts of talents and it’s not all about fishing. Becki deRosa graciously showed us how it’s done and with the help of some scarves, hats, beads, music and cocktails the ladies let loose and had fun with this physically exerting/fun activity. Many thanks to Becki and Connie for the fun time that was had by all in attendance. Various gag gifts were given to participants of the belly dancing activity.

Betsy Bullard

#2 Betsy Bullard (International Women’s Fishing Association photo)

We finally fished on Wednesday!! The winds were still up but the guides felt much more comfortable with the weather conditions than what they were the two prior days. Although instead of leaving the dock at 8am we all left at 9am and fished until 4pm. Challenging winds and difficult fishing conditions in Flamingo played a major role in the fish that were caught but most if not all of the ladies came back with some points. A huge congratulations goes out to Connie O’Day, from Pearland, Texas, for being this year’s Grand Champion, she also won the Belize Bonefish Tournament back in July. Following in 2nd Place was Betsy Bullard and in 3rd was Glenda Kelley. Nice work by these ladies and all of the ladies that fished this year. A huge thank you goes out to the fishing guides as well as to Chery Culberson and Lisa Everett for putting this tournament together.

Connie O'Day with Capt. Mark Gilman

Connie O’Day with Capt. Mark Gilman (International Women’s Fishing Association photo)


Results for the 2015 Light Tackle Tournament:

  • Grand Champion: Connie O’Day fishing with Capt. Mark Gilman
  • First Runner Up: Betsy Bullard fishing with Capt. Brian Gwilliam
  • Second Runner Up: Glenda Kelley fishing with Capt. Mark Gilman
  • Top Fly Angler: Ellen Matthews
  • Top Angler Day 1: Did Not Fish
  • Top Angler Day 2: Did Not Fish
  • Top Angler Day 3: Connie O’Day fishing with Capt. Mark Gilman
  • First Place Team: Betsy Bullard, Fran McKelvey, Jill Gaddis
  • Second Place Team: Connie O’Day, Carmen Perez-Padron, Susan Coleman
  • Third Place Team: Annah Petty, Denise Freihofer, Maggie Brown
  • Newcomer Award: Ildy Meltzer
  • First Fish: Lisa Everett at 9:09am
  • Last Fish: Glenda Kelley and Pam Marmin at 4:00pm
  • First Place Captain: Mark Gilman
  • Second Place Captain: Brian Gwilliam
  • Third Place Captain: Larry Sydnor
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