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Katherine Wins WON! RM380 Micro Pistol, Remington Arms Personal Defense Ammo and a Crossbreed Holster!

Congrats to Katherine SS, who wins the RM 380!

Remington Arms is proud to present its new micro pistol, the RM380. Our Babbs has spent time on the range with this gun, and she likes it — a lot. She liked it so much, and believes in this  that she asked Remington if they’d give one to a lucky WON reader. And, of course, why not pair it with excellent Remington’s Ultimate Defense Compact Handgun ammo (2 boxes) in .380 Auto?  And that’s not all … you’ll also get your choice of a Crossbreed holster so that you can carry it comfortably.

From Babbs’ review …

The RM380 comes in all-metal construction with a light DAO trigger. Lefties will appreciate the ambidextrous magazine release, and if you want, you can replace its grip panels for further customization. While on the subject of the grip, the angle and ample checkering worked well for the other women and for me. The guys certainly hit their targets in good, tight groups and never complained that their guns slipped away from them – which makes me think Remington found a great middle-of-the-road-pleasing carry gun here. The RM380 has been designed with a slightly extended Beavertail, which also kept my hand on the grip and especially, made it easy to find an accurate hold when drawing from a holster. The trigger guard – designed and undercut so that a shooter can hold on higher on the front strap – also contributed to me being able to maintain a firm grip on this gun.

Features such as a 2.9-inch 416 stainless steel barrel and aluminum frame make this firearm particularly appealing for hot weather carry. And the sights? Machined sights integral with the slide, they lay low and operate snag free; they are what you would hope for on a micro carry gun.

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The contest starts on Mon., Nov. 2, and ends at 5 p.m. CST, on Fri., Nov. 13.

RM380 MSRP: $417

Remington Ultimate Defense Ammo: 2 boxes, MRSP: $23 per box

Crossbreed Holster: Your choice

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