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Emily Monroe: The “How-To” Gun Girl

Gun girl Emily Monroe is a new featured blogger at The WON.

Learn more about Emily in her blog, “The ‘How-To’ Gun Girl.”

Gun Girl Emily Monroe How To

From tiny pocket pistols to long range rifles, from arrows to shot shells, I’ve tried out lots of ways to shoot and enjoyed them all. Competitive shooting is in my blood. Or maybe it’s just a genetic love of guns and I happen to also be uber-competitive in everything. Either way, I’ve been shooting for over two decades (aka most of my life). I got my start in target shooting at a competitive level in the sport of international rifle. I’ve also competed in IDPA, biathlon, and air pistol and tried out several additional shooting sports like archery, long range precision shooting, trap, and hunting. But let’s start at the beginning.

Gun Girl Emily coach rifle

Emily and her coach circa 1998.

I’m the daughter of a competitive shooter and the daughter / granddaughter / sister / cousin / niece / daughter-in-law / you-name-it of people who own firearms. Guns and shooting are fundamentally, undeniably part of my heritage. When my dad started taking my brother to shoot with the Acorns Junior Rifle Team in Fairfax, Virginia, I begged for a year to be able to join them. When my parents finally consented to me learning to shoot, I was eight years old. That was the first step into the competitive shooting sports, and I was hooked for life…

Continue reading about Emily Monroe by visiting her blog, “The ‘How-To’ Gun Girl”

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