WON Landing Page OCT 2022

#GUNVOTE: Don’t Risk Your Rights, Get Educated and Vote!


New York’s presidential primary election for both Republicans and Democrats is Tuesday and the results are considered to be pivotal for the parties’ candidate selections. To help you evaluate candidates’ positions on Second Amendment and sportsmen’s issues, NSSF provides #GUNVOTE. This voter education site is updated many times a week with news of interest. Recently added are delegate counts for the Republican and Democratic candidates as the clock to the party conventions ticks down. #GUNVOTE also provides election news and breaking updates on Facebook and on Twitter (@GUNVOTE).


The votes of target shooters, hunters and gun owners are making a difference in our elections. Voting in the 2016 election is a process that begins by making sure to register, then becoming educated about the candidates running for office and discussing choices with family and friends so that they understand the importance of voting to protect America’s firearms freedoms. The final step, of course, is going to the polls and, when necessary, helping others to get to the polls, too.

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