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The Women’s Gun Show Episode #7: The truth about the AR

In this show, Barbara Baird and Carrie Lightfoot discuss the fear factor around the AR platform. Also, Barbara interviews Dianna Muller, Team Benelli captain and 3-gun competition shooter. The pair also review new products and touch on timely news topics.

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LINKS to Episode #7: The Truth about the AR

Gabby Franco: New Weakness Allowed — http://www.gabbyfranco.com

Survival Story: Portland woman shoots and kills home intruder


Firearms news you can use: Hawaii Registers Gun Owners https://www.outdoorhub.com/news/2016/06/28/hawaii-becomes-first-state-put-gun-owners-centralized-database/


truth about AR muller duff

Jessie Duff checks out a Leupold RX Series rangefinder at the Leupold Optics Academy range in Oregon, while Dianna Muller waits to set up for her next shot with her MSR, named Merle. (Erath3 photo)

New products on the market

Leupold Rangefinder: https://www.leupold.com/tactical/rangefinders/rx-rangefinders/rx-1200i-tbrw-with-dna-digital-laser-rangefinder/

Laser Ammo – dry fire laser cartridges


Dianna Muller with Betsy MSR truth about AR

Dianna Muller with her other MSR named Betsy. (Erath3 photo)

 Interview: Dianna Muller


Reference to Dianna Muller in Tulsa World: http://www.tulsaworld.com/sportsextra/outdoors/bostiancolumn/kelly-bostian-debate-about-the-ar–has-raged-for/article_e4476246-2265-51d0-8d78-90d6d4e8d8ed.html 

Training tip: “Run Your MSR Dry” 

ar tip pocket guide 2b smaller

Resource on ARs: http://thewellarmedwoman.com/women-and-guns/about-guns/the-ar15-set-record-straight 

TWAW Product of the Week

Crosstac tactical sling: http://thewellarmedwoman.com/range-supplies/accessories/tactical-rifle-sling

The AR15 – Time To Set The Record Straight


 National Shooting Sports Foundation: Modern Sporting Rifle Pocket Fact Card


Calendar: What’s up?

July 14 AR course – Independence training for women


Barb-Remington 700-Leupold

Here’s Barb on a Remington 700 long range on the Leupold Optics Academy range in Madras, Oregon. (Erath3 photo) 

Civilian Marksmanship Program Junior Rifle Camps: http://thecmp.org/air/cmp-competition-center-event-matches/junior-air-rifle-camps-and-clinics/

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