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#HuntingwithJR: Scouting for Doves

It’s important to learn scouting procedures for doves. Doves are seedeaters.  They feed on sunflowers, corn, wheat, oats, millet and other grain crops. They eat on bare ground because their legs aren’t strong or long enough to scratch through litter.


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Tip: Find grain fields to hunt over. 

Scouting for Doves

It’s also important to know dove rituals that will help you when scouting for doves.

  • Shortly after dawn doves fly from roost to a watering hole, then off to feeding areas when they remain for the day.
  • Prior to roosting doves return to watering holes.
  • Doves like to loaf on branches, graveling and watering sites are some of their favorite locations.

Tip: Make sure you are concealed in one of these spots during the right time of day.


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Have you started scouting for doves yet?

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