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The Women’s Gun Show Episode #19: Potty Training – Your Gun in the Bathroom

In this show, Carrie Lightfoot and Barbara Baird delve into the topic of how to use the bathroom facilities while carrying a gun. They also discuss why you should take your gun into the bathroom when you shower, trending news items and cool gear. Sponsored by Ruger.

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Survival Story

Woman shoots, kills home invasion suspect 

Firearms news you can use 

Gun goes off in Yellowstone Park bathroom:

Teacher Left Gun in Bathroom, Elementary Kids Found It: 

Cool products 

The Abdo: 


Crossbreed Modular Belly Band

Crossbreed Holsters Belly Band, 69.95: 

Article reference: When You’ve Got To Go…. You’ve Got To Go!

TWAW Product of the Week

tank-white-large-print-size-450x400Concealment Under Shirt Tank, $57.99: 

Calendar: What’s up? 

Sporting Clays and Pheasant Hunt for BOW Wisconsin: 

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